The Blue Balloon: A Poem

Enjoy this poem, hope it's good :)

Chapter 1

The Blue Balloon

by: Trose777
A blue balloon
so perfect and round,
was sent up soon
after he was put in ground.

He smiles at me
as he dances up high,
he does so because he's free,
like a magnificent bird in the sky.

I laugh with with joy,
as tears stream down,
he was just a boy,
but now he wears a crown.

He left this earth
when he was two,
I can't feel mirth,
but his is so true.

I miss him so,
the dancing child,
but I know
that he always smiled.

A blue balloon,
floats above his grave,
he watches from the moon,
the boy who was brave.

I wrote this poem in honor of a dear friend of mine. His name was Braedon and he died at age two from Leukemia. He loved the color blue, and after he died we sent up thousands of balloons. It was a gift from us to give to him in heaven, and I always imagine him in he sky with a blue balloon. This is in honor of him, I hope you enjoyed the poem. :)

Here are a few poems that are my personal favorite:

"A Boy Named Sue" by Sheldon Allan Silverstein

"The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll

and finally,
"Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe


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