Read if your bored

These are just random stories about like my life i guess so you can read it if your bored if your not bored it's gonna seem stupid! enjoy!

Chapter 1

Friday Nights

So every Friday night I absolutely have to do something with friends or something like that. Usually on Friday nights I go skiing with all my buddies but now skiing is over because the snow is melting and it'd just be crappy. Last Friday, me, Laurel, Lily, Seb, Nathan, and Dalt went to the movie Olympus Has Fallen. It was really good but I was surprised they let a bunch of 13 year olds into an R rated movie. The movie was about North Koreans taking over the White House and they hold the president hostage and the best part: it had MORGAN FREEMAN lol he's my fav actor. Afterwards we like all gathered in a group and talked about it until our parents came and picked us up. It was really fun!!!

Yup there's my first story! comment if you think I should write more for bored people


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