Your Everyday High School Superheroes (an Original Group Story)

What happens when the most ordinary teens visit a mysterious yard sale?

Angie, Cass, Frank, Vanessa, Denim, and Casper get more than they bargained for when what seemed to be the best buy of the week turns out to be the craziest adventure of their lives. Their newfound purchases are the key to superpowers only found in comics.

But as strangers to each other, will these six normal high-schoolers learn to work together in time to stop the crime-to-beat in their very own town?

Chapter 1

Your Incredibly Average Superheroes:


Name: Evangeline Wright (Evie, Evan, Angie)
Age: 15
Stereotype: Nerd, geek, brainiac
Accessory: headband
Power: lets you grow your hair at will, nearly impossible to cut, can manipulate hair
Appearance: tall, thin, slouches, brown curly hair, olive green eyes, wears black rectangular glasses
Personality: studious, talks really fast, enthusiastic, nerdy, socially awkward at times...


Name: Cassidy (Cass) Nickles
Age: 15
Stereotype: Popular, dumb blonde
Accessory: Earrings
Power: Lets you hear things really far away
Appearance: Thin, Athletic, Wavy Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes with Gold Flecks
Personality: Popular (as mentioned before), stuck-up, not so smart, friendly to her friends


Name: Frank Collins
Age: 15
Stereotype: The Athletic Kid
Accessory: Jacket
Power: Gives him the ability to run trough anything, that’s about it.
Appearance: Tall, somewhat strong look, black hair that covers his forehead, brown eyes
Personality: Has anger issues against people who are rude (Kind of ironic, since he is the jock.) Quiet, but athletic. Fastest kid at school, and not very smart.


Name: Vanessa Cham
Age: 15
Stereotype: Writer, Drama (club) geek
Accessory: Book bag
Power: Is bottomless, so you can put any amount of stuff into it, and it can fit items that you would think would be to big.
Appearance: tall 5' 5", slender, wavy dirty blonde hair, right green eyes,
Personality: Loyal, shy, smart, kind, even though she seems tame, she'll rip your head off if you hurt someone she cares about


Name: Denim Hem
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Stereotype: A rebel
Accessory: A golden jewelry case with in scripted lettering. She doesn't know what the lettering means.
Power: When she opens the case, a shield forms around her.
Appearance: Straight, short, light blonde hair with light pink streaks. Dark blue eyes. Tan skin. Thin, 5 feet 4 inches.
Personality: Wild, loud, brave. Rebellious, has a bad temper, and stubborn.


Name: Casper Right
Age: 15
Stereotype: "Perfect Boy"
Accessory: Black Fedora
Power: Allows him to read and control minds of those around him.
Appearance: 6' 3'', scruffy blonde hair, semi-muscular arms, striking royal blue eyes, toned body, and a keen sense of style
Personality: Sarcastic at times, you can never really tell if he is joking or being serious, fun, not to serious, intimidating if you haven’t gotten the chance to get to know him.

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