The Hunter

So I'm back! I'm very back and I missed you all here!
This is the first independent story I'm publishing here, and by independent I mean its not a fan fic! so I wrote this like 3 years ago and I stopped in the first chapter, now I'm thinking of continuing it, let me know if I you think I should!

Chapter 1

The Gene Runs In The Family

I'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Simms, I'm not that interested in photography but I really love the art gallery I’m in right now, I mean I do take pictures sometimes, but none is as good as this photo of a lonely snowy tree in winter I’m looking at. I don’t even have a good camera, My aunt does. Christina my aunt who took me to this gallery. Although, she had to take her son to school and left me here alone I’m grateful cause I am enjoying seeing all the pictures, they are beautiful, some amazing, the sunset, the sunrise, The trees, the mountains, this one is really staggering...
"Hey! What are you doing!?" I heard a British accent complaining and I got it, I just hit someone.
I took my look off the picture; saw a lot of photos on the ground, and a guy in front of me. I felt ashamed. I instantly bowed to help the guy collect the pictures.
"Oh I'm so sorry.." I said taking a picture of a man smoking, from the ground.
"You have to be careful.." the guy said and something about his accent got my attention, I guess it was Irish. it wasn't easy to notice but I can recognize it because my mother is Irish and when her relatives come from Ireland they all talk the same. He took a picture of sunrise beside the sea of the ground. It got my attention.
"Wow these photos are really beautiful!" I unconsciously said it as I saw some other pictures, like the way I always say when Christina shows me some of her pictures. The guy frowned. But when he looked up and looked at me, I noticed that his frown was gone.
"Thanks" he said not so warm
"They really are" I said cause I felt he didn't believe me. He gave a little smile.
"I love photography" I said this to make my opinion worthy.
"Good" he said cold. I thought maybe he's not the photographer and he's just carrying the pictures that’s why I asked.
"Are you a photographer?" I looked at him straightly, he had cold blue eyes and his brown hair was a bit long, he was looking proud or even arrogant in the first look. He looked like a photographer. He was also so familiar. Seems like I've seen him before.
"I'm James Aron" he said, I hesitated, first thing came to my mind was the similarity of his name to my favorite actor, Jack Aron. And the next thing was what does it has to do with the question, I mean he introduced himself,/nice/, but...
"So? are you or aren't you?" I said as I'm James Aron wasn’t the fine answer for my question. he grinned, then he turned his sneering to a nice smile.
"Are you from here?" He answered my second question with an irrelevant question. I was confused. I didn't know what to say because I was half Irish, half Australian and I was living here in Britain for 5 years. I thought maybe he didn't like to talk to strangers. that was why my answer came out like this.
"yes?" I said with a dazed look. He sneered.
"seems like you are not that interested in photography miss" James Aron said couldn't be more proud.
"my name is Elizabeth" I said as I didn't like him calling me miss.
"James.. would you come here? We need you" another British accented voice came from down the hallway.
"Sure I'm coming" James said to the guy.
"I gotta go Elizabeth" He said and he gave a sweet smile like he was talking to a 5-year-old kid.
"sure" I shrugged.
"hope to see you again" He grinned and left with the photos in his hand, and I was so confused. But I left it behind and started to see the photos again.. a tree with pink flowers on it... He said I'm James Aron… then he left like that… tried to focus on the waves of the sea in the next picture, James Aron, didn't I heard this name before? No I haven’t it was because of the similarity with Jack, Jack Aron, director, screen writer, actor, oh he was a genius, I adore him or I can say I love him, I really do, and one day when I get to be an actress…
"Elisa?" I recognized Christina's voice and I turned back. I smiled to her unconsciously cause seeing her suddenly made me feel safe.
"you're back" I said with a wide smile as I was grateful for that.
"sorry, it was traffic and Michael was so slow" Christy said. Michael is her son, my cousin, he is 6-year-old he is a cute child, better than the boys in his ages and I could deal with that, but at all I was no way interested in children. But they always loved me!
"fine, I was looking at these pictures.."
"so lets get you home your mother is waiting" Christina said as we were getting out of the gallery, I took a quick look at the door, didn't know if I'm going to come again, I think I wont.
"I hit someone by the way" I said to Christina when we got in the car, she didn't say anything just looked at me like she was waiting for me to continue
"Every things felt down, it was embarrassing" I said recalling the scene
"oh don't worry about it, things like this happens, did she get mad?" Christina asked
"no he didn't" I said short I didn't want her to feel any emotion in my voice while I was saying he
"so it was a he then?" Christy said grinning. I laughed
"so how was he?" Christy said with a smile that has a lot meanings inside, I hate it when my mom gives me such smiles but Christina was okay. I kind of feel comfortable with her, though I know she might tell every details to my mom even if I ask her not to. Not that my mom say anything. I just don't like her to know all going around with my life.
"he was kind of weird , like I'm James Aron" I said mocking his British accent and seems like I was good at this because Christina was laughing.
"it really is weird if anyone pretends he's/ James Aron/" Christina said his name seems like he was someone important.
"wait, he wasn't pretending" I said
"what do you mean?"
"He was James Aron"
"you sure?" Christina said with a Marvel in her voice.
"I don't know he was tall blue eyes abit long brown hair..."
"that's him, so you're saying you hit James Aron?"
"who is James Aron?"
"James Aron is the best Photographer in the city, or even one of the bests in the country, he is so professional and famous, he owns the gallery you were in" Christy said the words so fast and it took a few seconds for me to understand the words.
"oh" that was all that came out from my mouth
"so tell me what did you say?" Christy said this time she was excited
"well not much, I just apologized and asked him if he is a photographer" I said ashamed, and now I know what a mess my question was. Christina laughed so hard.
"what did he say?" she said still laughing
"I'm James Aron" I said my head down, Christina laughed again but when she saw I wasn't laughing she stopped
"don't worry its fine, a lot of people don't know him" Christina said trying to make me feel better and I was thinking at least they don’t claim they love photography
"yeah no worries leave it" I said kind of lying. I was just thinking if I see him again, I can't even look at him in the face, so it's better for me to not to go tomorrow. I wouldn’t anyway.
"one thing Elise, you're not gonna believe this one" Christy said, her eyes shining, a mysterious smile, I knew it was something important
"tell me" I said fast
"He is Jack Aron's brother" She said looking in my eyes. Not blinking to see every bit of my reaction. I took a deep breathe. Couldn't believe what I just heard. And I didn’t know if I was happy or sad, I breathed deeply again
"oh my God" I said thinking, so I talked to Jack Aron's brother?
"Oh my God!" I said again and started to laugh. Of course I was happy!
"Amazing isn't it?" Christina said, she knew my feelings about Jack Aron. Actually everybody knew, it wasn't really a secret when I had all my walled covered with his pictures. And I couldn’t shut up about him.
"I can't believe this!" I said still in shock. And until we arrive home I was thinking of every single word we said, Me and Jack Aron's brother.

"Finally you came" my mom said to her younger sister
"Amanda, I'm so hungry" Christy told my mom.
"I bet you are, Beth darling, you're hungry too?"
"yeah I really am mom" I said and suddenly I felt hungry.
I had lots of names, some call me Elise, some Elisa, Beth, Lizzie, Liz. And some call me Elizabeth that I like the most, it makes me feel I'm myself. But I kind of got used to Elisa too. Or Elise. Its only my mom who calls me Beth, and my friends call me Liz, sometimes.
"did you have a good day?" my mom asked turning to me.
"she had a great day" Christina said before have the chance to open my mouth
"Oh? Tell me about it!" my mom said excited and the funny is she was turned to Christina not me.
"she hit James Aron" my aunt said giggling
"who is James Aron? And what do you mean by hit?"
"Jack Aron's brother" Christy said as thrilled as she could get about it.
"oh Elizabeth darling! You must be..."
"yes mom I'm happy thanks" I said with a faked smile.
After the lunch I went straight to my room, and the first thing came to my eyes was Jack Aron's poster right in front of me. And he was ... oh God!
Jack Aron, 28 year old, he's dark brown hair are straight in his face get to his eyes, and his eyes.. his dark brown eyes.. they're kind and sad.. so sad.. you could always see a deep sadness in it. And his smile, he has the most beautiful smile in the world. And the paradox between his nice small and his depressed eyed makes him incredible when he smiles. The best thing about him is his character. He’s not only actor, director and screen writer, he also has a hand in politics and charity. Maybe it’s kind of awkward that posters of an actor be on an 18-year-old girl’s wall. But I just do what I want to do. I hate pretending. I am the way I am. I love this guy!
Thinking more, I remembered what happened just today, I met Jack Aron's brother, I talked to him! Oh I gotta call Anne and Silvia, my two best friends. Can't wait to tell Margaret about this! She is my closest friend but now she is in Paris. After the satisfying phone calls I went to hall again
"You want tea Elise?" my mom asked from the kitchen
"yes thanks" I said sitting on the sofa. Got the remote in my hand to seek around channels. Christina was on phone so she wasn't watching the car challenges on BBC. And as I was changing the channels... there he was! Jack Aron! He was on the news for speaking in a conference in Brazil about human rights. I was listening intently. But too bad it was just 1 minute, I love the way he talks by the way! He knows a lot. I always wanted to be like him.
"Well I gotta go Amanda, pick up Michael." Christina stood up ready to leave.
"You'll come back?" mom asked drinking her tea.
"No I have works to do, but tomorrow I'll go shopping, you wanna come?"
"Yeah sure" my mom said and I was still waiting for Christina to say something about the gallery. But she didn't.
"Darling, goodbye" she said kissing me on the chick.
"Oh Christina?" I said biting my lips
"What?" when I looked in her eyes I felt uncomfortable to say it but when I thought of Jack Aron's brother, I was determined.
"Would take me to the gallery tomorrow?" I said after a long hesitate. my heart beating loud, Christina laughed. I didn't like that I wanted just an answer.
"Honey your heart is stuck with Aron isn't it?" Christina said looking at my mom
"Take her Christina, at least once I'm seeing she shows interest in a real boy" mom said, they both laughed I was still waiting for a proper answer.
"Sure, be ready by 10" Christina winked
"Thanks" I smiled and upped to go to my room.
"Goodbye Christina!" I shouted while was going to my room. Couldn't see but I was sure mom and Christina were talking about me right now. Could hear them whisper!
I looked in the mirror, well got to do something to my hair for tomorrow, my golden light brown hair. Brushing maybe, but my hair is so long and it takes time.. I have to wake up sooner then. I looked in the closet for some suitable dress. This short pink.. No way! This black is too formal ,I got it, my green and white dress with my silky white coat on it, perfect!
Well that was all, and now its 5 Pm and I don't know what to do, who says summer is exciting?
It's been 4 years that we moved to London, before coming here we were living in Australia, I was fourteen when we came to Britain, Its been a little hard for me, to leave behind all my friends and memories, to a place I barely knew about. But we had to. Daddy got a better job here. And now after 4 years I can say I have a good life here. Kind of.
I don't have Australian accent, neither British. I like to get British accent, sometimes I do it but seems like its not good on me, like a very loose dress, it doesn't fit me!
I decided to watch my favorite movie of Jack Aron, I watched this movie like a hundred times, and most of the times with Margaret, its so ruthless that now she is in Paris, Margaret is French, when I moved to London and was kind of alone in the school, she moved here too, from Paris. Both being strangers in London made us a lot in common. And that was a start of a good friendship. Margaret likes movies just like I do. And she's the only one who truly knows how I feel about Jack Aron. And believes in me.
In this movie Margaret likes Johnny Depp, but I like Jack Aron. No one is better than him. I remember the first time I saw this movie, I cried like hell, when Jack's best friends who is Johnny Depp dies. It was so hard for Jack. But Margaret hates Jack Aron in this movie because she thinks it was his fault that Daniel (Johnny Depp) dies. But I say it wasn't. Daniel had a choice, Mike (Jack Aron) gave him a choice, he could come with Mike and change himself, but he didn’t. because he was too proud to get help from Mike. And that’s where he dies.
I took a look at the internet, searched this guy; James Aron.
Name: James Sebastian Aron
Age: 26
Profession: Photography
"James Aron is one of the great photographers well-known for his artistic inspiring pictures, seems like Aron mostly likes to show the human difficulties in hard conditions. “I like deep pictures, the one that has something to talk" Aron says himself."
"James Aron on the other hand, has been photographing since he was 20. As he says he always has been passionate about it, and this passion has taken him to South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel."
"James Aron, maybe as not as famous as his brother, Jack Aron but as creative and talented in art as much as Jack is, you could see that in his photography more than his designs"
"Ironic facts, they say you could find in James S. Aron's photos, but I say you can also find hope, hope for having a better world without all the ironic facts he pictures in his photos"
After reading a few articles about him in different sites, I decided to take a look at his own official site,
So far I just found out he was famous and well, a good photographer, but now, as I'm looking and the photos he took, he is so more, he is an artist, the gene runs in the family.


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