Have you ever felt like you can't stand living in this world? Ever felt so alone? Hurt? And you just wanted to escape this world?

Chapter 1

The Short Boring Journey

by: Xactaeon
Crying, I said my final words, with a bruised face. "I never want to see you again! I hate you!" I took my suitcase and ran out the door, stomped down the steps, and went to the bus stop.

I frantically checked my watch wondering when the bus will come, I used my sweater to wipe off the tears and blood off from my face. 10:42 pm

A loud noise came, and the bus pulled up. Well, this is it. I looked back, unable to control it I burst into tears. "Are you okay?" The middle aged woman asked. "Yeah, I'm, I'm fine." I said, knowing it was a lie deep down inside. She turned to look back but then faced forward again.

I gave the money to her, and sat down in the back. There was only 2 other people on the bus. As the bus engine started, I got back up to ask the bus driver a question I'd forgot to ask. "Does this go to the North Forest?"

"Yes." She replied, with a worried expression. "Thanks." "Mind I ask how old you are?" She questioned me. "I'm uh," I was blank for moment. "I'm 18." It's a good enough lie, I look as if I were 18 anyways. "Well, okay." She shifted the gear and started driving.

I know I'll miss them sooner or later. I just hate it, the pain, the abuse, my father. I dozed off not even aware of the time.

"Excuse me, hello?" A piped voice came from a little ways up. "Where are you going this late?" It wasn't a familiar voice. But I knew I wasn't dreaming. "The forest." I said not caring.

"No way!! me too!" The girl said, she was odd, wearing a wolf tail, and jeans "Why's that?" I asked still half asleep.

"Can't tell you!" She said tilting her head with a smile. She was a small girl, cute face, spunky attitude, friendly, she was easy to get along with.

The bus halted at a stop, it was the entrance of the North Forest. Yawning, I stepped out, plugged in the ear buds, grabbed my suitcase and just sat down on the rough dirt.

"Well, aren't you going somewhere?" The girl asked with the dumbest expression I've ever seen. "Oh, by the way, I'm," She stopped talking, finally, but although I'm glad she stopped talking, to me it looked as if she was afraid. "never mind." She said.

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