Getting Elemental

An original story about a nation that are all blessed with the power to control elements. They must pick which school they want to go to at the age of 5, and those who don't fit in are punished as the result of a cruel tyranny.
Can the last remaining elder heir save the nation from the endless war and punishment?

Chapter 1

Tarpan Law

1.Every child will pick to be part of a school
They will pick between Verity and Eilling at the age of five

2. If they do not do this they will be decreed an outlaw for the rest of their life

3.The number one elementro may not be killed by anyone who is lower in the ranks than number ten, and may not be sacrificed.

4.Any elementro who possess’ the power of energy will be arrested and killed upon notice as they are a danger to the structure of our country (unless it conflicts with the third law)

Decreed by Lawrence Remblark Chancellor of Tarpan

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