I dream of Paradise

~My Poetry~

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Chapter 1

I dream of Paradise

I dream
I am here, too
Not to be a stepping stone
A black sheep
Not to stand in the background
Not to sit and wait for you to “allow” me my moment in the sun

I dream of Paradise

Where I am not shoved in the back
I want to fly Home
I want to soar
I do not seek revenge
I know that the bastards who broke me
Will fall from the stormy clouds holding their broken souls
I wind my clocks

I dream of Paradise

Where no verbal corruption
Will destroy the beauty of the simplicity
The small things
The details on the wings of a butterfly
The spirals on the clouds
The petals of a wilting rose

I dream of Paradise

I will not allow my alliances to be haggard
By who ever dares to disturb a cobweb
I am not empty
Not to be discarded
By the social hierocracy
Cracked like a mirror

I dream of Paradise

Not to be labelled
Like an object
As soon as bitter eyes glance my way
Tears have fallen for too long
They’ve dried and frozen and burned
Leaving only the scars
Breaking a fantasy

I dream of Paradise

I wish for equality
I wish for more hope in the world
Staring at the stars
Wishing for answers
Questions are bothersome to my brain
Tired of being pushed back

I dream of Paradise

I am tired of being pushed in to the back
I scream but no one listens
I excel in the school
What good does it do for them
Stupidity and insults flying
I’m tired of the names and malicious remarks
I try to forget the terror
Stop the madness from overriding my system

I dream of Paradise

I’ll raise my head for the judges
They could never understand
The cruelty of school children
Tossing erasers at your head and markers at your back
Sarcasm dripping from everything they say to you
Some nights, I wish I could run and take my friends with me

I dream of Paradise

What must I do for a little respect
I’m only human
Not perfect, not even close
I’m walking with my head held high in Paradise
I could be the complete package
Soul, smile, body, everything
When I dream of Paradise
I am free

I dream of Paradise
I dream of Paradise
I dream of Paradise

I got a lot of inspiration from my life and experience in general. I have been picked on since the later years of grade school. I know life can be a bitch, and I’ve come to understand that you have to keep your head high and keep going. I’ve had problems doing that. I also got inspiration from the songs I listened while I was writing this poem. Paradise by Coldplay, Clocks by Coldplay, Forever and Always by Parachute, The Scientist by Coldplay, etc. I tend to listen to music I can relate to. It reminds me that I have common problems. I appreciate poetry because I think it’s simple yet painfully beautiful. You can capture amazing feelings in your stanzas, and complex problems within the lines. Poetry is beautiful, and it is calming to write. I write quite a bit of poetry, some being outrageously harsh and full of venom. Those are the poems I look at when someone is pulling my heart out of my chest and making me feel like I am no one. That doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen.



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