Shout outs!

Chapter 1


Everyone else is doing it so I thought I would. Kinda fun you know...anyway...GET ON WITH IT!!!!!

[[Grace_V]] You have been one of my best quibblo friends since my first account. You don't log on much anymore...but I will NEVER forget you.

[[elephantloverforever223]] I think you are a really cool person xD

[[flag118]] You're so nice and I have loved you as a bestie quibblo friend since my last account!

[[Melly_AP]] You are SO FUN TO TALK TO!!!!

[[ed0n_h8tes_chr1s]] You are cool enough to make this list.

[[Kikyo_Guardian]] ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ That's all I have to say:)

[[tammy1360]] I don't think I talk to you much, but you're really cool.

[[TeamGalacticSaturn]] You are so adorable! And the only person on here I actually know!!!

[[rocketshippergirl]] That role play we did that one time was really fun!!! But then it got boring :( I hope we can do another sometime!

[[BurningRed]] You are such a nice person!

[[hera1432]] You...are...AWESOME!!!!

[[Marshmellowez]] I don't know why I like you, I just do.

[[Leyla_Q]] I know your brand new and we have only been talking for a day...but I already like you:)

[[soccorro]] WEEEEE!!!!!

[[Orika11]] I think you know why you are on here:)

[[Wilsauls]] You are such a good person xD

Well yeah, that's it...if I forgot anyone...I'll just add them later:)


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