Mental Dinosaur

hi. thought I would attempt the story contest. I'm ok with poetry, and have been missing my friend. So don't hate plz Comment and stuff.....Thanks

Chapter 1

Mental Dinosaur

This is my attempt, at the story contest, which I wrote in order to show how I cant stop thinking about my best friend. She lives in Wisconsin, and in July she comes to Minnesota to visit her grandparents. We were set up for a play date 2 years ago. Now, 6 months of basically solid winter,not just suffering cabin fever, I'm suffering Mental-Dinosaur fever.

Have you ever lived in a small town?
Where you've fallen in love with the sundown?
A summer bonfire,
Is my desire.
She had a smile that touched my heart
an unique mind together when apart.
I miss her,
my best friend.
Will this winter ever end?
Piled in snow,
no one does know...
How the cold broke my heart.
I want to remember,
but sense December,
It's to hard to try.
Must I say goodbye?
We laughed.
We splashed.
In a cold Minnesota lake
reading, writing what's real, what's fake?
Memories flipping by,
Snow fall begins to dry.
can not wait tell next July
E, for eternal loving friend
M, for mystery
M, for mischief
A, for adventure
Emma's her first name.
Imagination is OUR game.
R for royalty
A for amazing talent
I for intuition
N for Nephiliim, (spelling) The protector.
Rain's her middle name.
Fiction's the subject of OUR game.
C is for clever.
U is for unique
T is for time we have.
T is for tough, cuz she has to be
E is for extraordinary.
R, for Rebel, cuz we are.
Cutter's her last name,
and staying up all night isw an easy game
Love ya like a sister Mental Dinosaur See yah soon.

a lot of this is in thanks of this. (XD hope the link works)

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