Youtuber's Academy (YTA)

The idea was originally .
I will make sure to put a link to each channel as they are mentioned.

Chapter 1

Character Description & Chapter 1

Name: Lyndsay Rhy (Pronounced Ray)
NickNames: Lynn, Rhy,
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Youtuber
Youtuber for?: Cosplay & Minecraft (maps & LPs)
Youtube Name: LittleRhyO'Sunshine (Not Real)
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, one green eye & one hazel, average height, freckles, fair skin
Personality: Random, easily annoyed, quick to judge, to people who don't know her well: comfortable in her own skin; to her friends: insecure about everything.
Interests: Anime, Manga, Video Games, Youtube.
Dislikes: Haters, smart-alecs, & posers
Friends: AiAnime (the people from the group), Chimneyswift11 & Captiansparklez
People She Looks Up To: Songstowearpantsto & Gunnarolla.
Love Interest: . . . . . nope/we'll see!
Short Bio/Draw My Life:
I was born New Years day, into a small family. I lived with both her parents until she turned 2, which is when they divorced. I have lived with my dad since. When I was younger, I loving doing sports, but around age 13 I got in a car crash. After I recovered, the doctor told me that I wouldn't be able to participate in the sports I had learned to love. It was really hard for me, but I soon found Anime & video games. And here I am today, with my own Youtube Channel & an acceptance form to Youtubers Academy.

I quickly walk down the halls of the unfamiliar school in hopes of finding the gym. Today was my first day at Youtuber's Academy, and my first day with a channel. I pick up my pace, not wanting to be late for orientation. I speed around a corner, only to run into some person I didn't know.
"Oh sorry." They say, helping me pick up my dropped bag. I tried to get it out of his hands, not wanting him to see what was inside.
"Wigs?" He asks, before I had even started going for the bag.
"Cosplay." I answer. He looks up and I realize who he was.
"Hi I'm Andrew, or-"
"Songstowearpantsto." (/ I say, finishing his sentence. "I love your videos. Magical Cat was my favorite song for the entirety of 9th grade." As I say this I notice him smile. I hurriedly nod my head by, realizing that I had completely zoned out the bell. Great- late on the first day of school.

I rush into the gym and take a seat at one of the many tables that fill the room. Luckily I am not the only one who is late, but I silently chastise myself as about 10 other people take their seats. I look more closely at the occupants of the chairs and notice how diverse everyone is, it seemed like there was at least one person from every ethnicity imaginable. Then, 3 men walk to the front of the room, and I instantly recognize them. They were Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley- the people who started Youtube Academy.

"Welcome to Youtube Academy." The man on the far right starts, "You are all here because you have decided to start your own channel. First we would like to split you into groups and send you off to class. If you are going to be doing 2 things, please pick one class to go to one in the morning and one after lunch." After he finishes his sentence, he steps back and the man on the left steps over.
"As you can guess, there are many categories you all fit into. I will list the main ones and we will see from there. People intending to do math and or science videos go to room MS1, where you will be assigned a room. People intending to do video game related videos, go to room VG1." As he says this, I start to get up, but then decide I don't want to be lugging around a bag of wigs all day. "If you plan to do VLOGs please go to room V1, and if you plan to do videos that relate to music please go to room M1. If you are thinking about doing tutorials please go to room T1. Videos about learning in general, please go to SL1. For cosplay go to room AC1." That was my cue. I stand up and follow the small crowd of other cosplayers.

Once we get there I quickly take a seat in one of the chairs. As I do, I notice a lot more people come into the room, people who must already attend YTA.

"Welcome to the cosplaying side of YTA." Someone I didn't recognize said. "As you know, there are many different types of cosplay. I would like all of you to split into 8 groups. One is Anime & Manga masquerade, and two is Anime & Manga for people who do photo shoots or casual. Next is for people who cosplay Video Games, and please spilt into 2 groups. 5th and 6th are for people who cosplay both Anime, Manga, & Video Games. And the last 2 groups are for people who cosplay something other than Anime, Manga, or Video Games."

I get up and walk straight for the sign that said Anime/Manga/Video Games; Masquerade. From there I see 2 youtubers from my favorite hetalia cosplay group, AiAnime. (/

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