A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

Hehehehe... Yup, I'm doing a group story along with the three others that I'm working on (two of them being a group story as well. Hi Pippa, if you're reading this!!!)
Okee. This story shall take place in the Elizabethen era. Read on in the actual writing part thingy!

Chapter 1

There are graphite stains on my sleeves... LOL

If you didn't read my intro, you didn't miss out on much, but read it anyways(especially if you're Pippa, cuz I said hi up there XD) if you wanna know when this story takes place.
Ok, I need three or four other peeps(guy or gal) to write this (hopefully) awesome story!
A brief synopsis of the story is...
The princess's brother rules over ummm... Idk where yet,(or what to call the story. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!)... And there's this duchess who wants the throne, so the king is murdered and the princess gets locked up. Eventually, she gets out and...
That's where the fun starts!
Your character that you submit can be royalty, working class, beggars, or hunters. Whatever you want! Ok, here's my character:
Name: Winifred
Class: Royalty, princess
Appearance: long brown hair, hazel eyes, tall
Personality: clever, a leader, loves having fun, happy
Age: 19

Now, you're turn!
Note: if you want, you can change the synopsis a bit if you want. Like, if Winifred had another brother/sister or something like that.
Thanks for reading!
-Damsel in Distress

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