A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

Hehehehe... Yup, I'm doing a group story along with the three others that I'm working on (two of them being a group story as well. Hi Pippa, if you're reading this!!!)
Okee. This story shall take place in the Elizabethen era. Read on in the actual writing part thingy!

Chapter 2


Ok, I'm triple-crossing my fingers that all who have signed up thought that they should check this signup thing out right now. If not, well, I'll think of something.
Anyways, I'll post the five people(I know it was three or four at first, but there have been so many great character entries that it will be hard to choose.) who'll be writing this story with meh on... monday I think and I'll begin writing on that day as well. Ok, thanks!

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