A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

A Fight For the Throne- Authors Place

Hehehehe... Yup, I'm doing a group story along with the three others that I'm working on (two of them being a group story as well. Hi Pippa, if you're reading this!!!)
Okee. This story shall take place in the Elizabethen era. Read on in the actual writing part thingy!

Chapter 3

The Results...

Yup, the results already! I couldn't wait until Monday and I felt like there was enough sign ups already...
I brought the characters up to eight(counting me). Again, I know. But everybody had such spectacular characters, it was too hard.
Eight is pushing it(I'm sure you've gotta agree with that, Pip) but like I said, everybody's were so awesome, it was too hard to keep it down to five. So please understand if you aren't picked, there's always a next time!
Also the title(thanks to those who made suggestions!), I think I'll go with A Fight For the Throne, thanks UnknownMix for all the great suggestions!
Ok, the peeps who shall be writing with meh:
1. Rosie (Pippa)
2. Susanna (DanceLikeNoOneIsWatching)
3. Crystal (Rainbowleapord)
4. Kristopher (Dreams_Come_True)
5. Keira (Paranormal)
6. Wolfgang (Its_An_Italian_Thing)
7. Iris (Autumn Rose)

Thankyou to all who entered/signed up! I totally would have chosen everybody, but eight already is alot. I'll definetely consider those who didn't get in for my next group story if you sign up for it! Thanks so much!

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