Escape From Purgatory (A Castiel Love Story)

Escape From Purgatory (A Castiel Love Story)

Name: Devin Blair
Characteristics: 5'8", Light Brown/Blonde hair (Shoulder length), Turquoise eyes
Background: Was born in 1972, but sent to Purgatory in 1993, so she has been frozen at 21 years old. Has angelic powers (doesn't know at first) and was sent to Purgatory by an unknown creature.

Chapter 1

Return To Earth

"There's a what in here?!" I quickly looked around before I leaned in close to Lenore. We'd been hiding in this small grove of trees for several minutes, but would probably not have much more time. "An angel?!"

She nodded. "He came in with a human and helped him escape...I didn't even know there was a way to escape!"

"That's crazy! Who is he? Is he one of the Archangels?"

She shook her head. "No, he's lower on the food chain than that...Either way, if this guy knows a way out...maybe we should find him!"

"How do you know you'll be able to get out? You're a vampire!"

"Then I'll help you get out." My eyes widened. "You're a human and you've been here for how long? You deserve to go back to Earth and start living a life again."

"That's...Oh, if we weren't always in danger, I might try to kiss you." Lenore chuckled and we both heard leaves crunching, and quickly spun to look around us.

In the near-darkness of the endless forest it was hard to see, but I could hear whatever was out there. Leaves crunched on the ground and a twig broke, which sounded like a tree falling in the absolute silence.

"It sounds like there's a Gorilla-Wolf out there...Or maybe a shapeshifter. Gonna run with me?" She grinned.

"Naturally. If you get torn apart, you know where to meet me."

"Same goes to you." We both laughed before we jumped up and bolted, heading fast away from whatever was waiting in the trees.

That was how it was here. Things tried to kill you and you tried to kill them, and if you died, you just popped right back up to start the whole process over again. It was horrifying and gory, but it was just my life since I'd been sent here. I didn't know how or even who it was that sent me, all I knew was that one day I got attacked and woke up here in the Endless Forest, as I liked to call it.

Everyone else just called it Purgatory.


"Lenore..?" I stepped lightly out from behind a tree, but didn't see my vampire friend anywhere. "Dammit..." She was either still running from the Gorilla-Wolves, or hadn't reappeared yet. After we'd ran we separated, which was probably why I hadn't gotten ripped apart. Lenore was more powerful than me, so they'd gone to chase her.

I waited at our meeting spot for some time but she didn't show, so I retreated into a little hiding place her and I had created.

It was a small hole dug under a large tree, just big enough for for us to hide in if we needed it. Here in the Endless Forest, we needed it often.

I curled up against one of the dirt walls and closed my eyes, willing to rest. I was alone though, so my brain and body automatically went into high-alert, so I couldn't rest very long.

Lenore did come eventually, shaking me as she climbed down into our hiding place. "Lenore! Did they get you?"

She shook her head and I saw blood dripping from it. "No, but one of them scratched me...Don't worry, it's almost healed up. Did anyone follow you?"

"I don't think so...Did you see anything else while you were out there? Did you see the angel?" She shook her head. "What about the other human?"

"No, but I heard the human had escaped through that portal. We have to find it!"

"Calm down...they might hear you." I stuck my head out briefly, but nobody was around. "I can find it. You should stay here and hide for as long as you can."

"Come on, you've helped me god-knows how many times. If there's any chance you can get out, I'm gonna help you."

"That's nice...What would be even nicer was if we had any idea where the portal was. Do you think that angel would know?"

"Probably. You can't tell, but he has a different energy than the other creatures here, and that will help us find him."

"Wait, you can feel him?!" She nodded. "Why didn't you just say that earlier?" I poked my head out of the hole again, then climbed out. "Come on, we should find him as soon as we can. If I can get out of here, I'm gonna do it."

I helped Lenore out and she stood still for a moment. "It's barely there, but I can feel him...Come on, this way. But watch out. If I can feel him that means everything else near us can feel him too."

"Well, I guess it's good we have these then." We each twirled the makeshift swords we had, made from the bones of a creature Lenore had killed, and sharpened on a large rock. These were about the best weapons you could get, because you had to make anything you had in here.

I followed Lenore as we ran lightly through the trees, going as fast as we could while still remaining quiet enough to avoid detection. Almost everything in the Endless Forest had super-sensitive hearing, but if we hadn't been caught yet, it was a very good sign.

"Is he close?" She nodded and pointed ahead of us. "How far?"

"Not very...But there's something else here too. Come on." We went slower through the trees now, and it wasn't long before we made it to where the angel was. We peeked through two very close trees and Lenore gasped. "Its...him."

"The angel?" She nodded.

"But I know him...I saw him once before when I was alive!"

"What?" I looked at the trench-coated angel whose face I couldn't see, and tried to imagine a situation where he would have ever met Lenore. Even from this far away, and the fact that I was human, I could feel a twinge of energy emanating from him. "Where did you see him?"

"He was with two hunters I knew, Sam and Dean Winchester...He was their friend, I think...That means it was probably one of those Winchesters that he helped escape!"

"Then he really can help me get out...This is great!" I slapped my hands over my mouth as he turned our way. The blue-eyed angel looked our way and suddenly disappeared. "Shît!"

Lenore turned to me and said "Hurry, you have to run! He might think you're a vampire and..!" She was suddenly silenced, and I let out a scream as her head fell from her shoulders.

I scrambled back against the tree as the blue-eyed angel stepped forward, and raised the makeshift blade he held.

"Wait!" I held up my hand and shouted "I'm not a vampire!"

In a low, brusque voice he said "Whatever you are, I suggest you make this easy on yourself."

He raised it again and I was forced to say "I'm a human!" That made the angel pause.

He lowered his weapon and I slowly stood, and he stepped forward. "That vampire was my friend...We heard that a human traveled here with you and you helped him escape."

"Yes, Dean Winchester was brought here with me when we killed a Leviathan." I shuddered at the mention of Leviathan. Those nasty creatures has almost eaten me a number of times during my 'stay' here. "Stay still."

"What?" Before I could ask, the angel put his hand to my head and a weird sensation spread through my body. When he let go I asked "What was that?"

"I had to make sure that you were not a monster. How did you get here?"

I shrugged, at the same time looking around. I hadn't lost the feeling that something was still in our vicinity. "I don't know...I was sent here in 1993 on my 21st birthday, and I never knew who or by who."

"1993..? How have you survived here that long?"

"What are you talking about?" I looked oddly at the angel.

"On earth, it is 2013. You have survived here in Purgatory for 20 years." I took a step back again, shocked.

20 years? I was here for 20 years?! How was that even possible?!

"I...I don't even want to know how that's possible...Look, can you help me or not? If I've been here that long..." I didn't even want to think about what I'd left behind. Who knows how many of my friends were...gone?

"Yes, I can assist you. Dean used the portal back to Earth for him and a vampire's soul to escape." So vampires could get out! If only he hadn't sliced Lenore's head off. "Come, we must hurry. Something is lurking in these nearby woods."

The angel took my hand and we disappeared, turning up in a different area than before. It was by one of the bodies of water that I usually stayed away from.

"You, angel, this area is frequented by a number of vampires...Is it really safe to be here?"

"For now, yes. Vampires are easy to handle, and so you will be able to rest here for a short time."

"Only until we're hiding." He looked at me oddly and I made my way to one of the larger trees, the base of it surrounded by a bunch of dead thorn bushes. "The vampire you killed, Lenore, helped me make a bunch of hiding places all around, in case something would start chasing us. This is one of them."

I used the sleeve of my torn jack to move one of the thorn bushes out of place to reveal a hollow under the tree, like the one Lenore and I had hid in before we went looking for the angel.

He looked at me hesitantly and I said "You're helping me, so I'm only offering to help you."

"I radiate energy that the monsters can detect...Hiding will be of no use."

"It will here." The angel hesitantly climbed down into the hole and I followed, ignoring the stinging sensation in my palms. The thorns cut easily through the fabric of my jacket, because I apparently had been wearing it for 20 years.

I could still barely believe it was 2013 already.

I knew he must've been wondering, so I said "I picked up some tricks while I've been here. One of them was your little Enochian symbols, which will hide you and anyone here from those outside. Provided you don't shout out our location, of course." I pointed above to the tree, where symbols were clearly carved into the tree and it's large roots.

"That is a very ingenious setup...How many of these hideouts have you created?"

"Five or six...Lenore and I were in one before we left it to locate you. Which reminds me...Lenore said she knew you."

He nodded. "She assisted the Winchesters in finding Eve, and asked for them to kill her...It was I that did it."

Lenore never mentioned having been killed by an angel, or about helping hunters to find Eve. I'd heard that she escaped Purgatory, but was soon killed.

"Well...thank you. She told me how miserable she was once she started killing humans again, and even though this is practically a second Hêll, she is doing a lot better." The angel didn't say anything, and I felt odd cramped up with him in such a small place, so I felt compelled to ask " you have a name?"

"My name is Castiel."

"How did you get here? Besides killing the Leviathan, I mean."

He sighed. "I was...fallen from heaven, and had gone insane when I assisted the Winchesters."

"Oh...sorry." He looked up, his bright blue eyes almost glowing in the darkness. "I kinda went insane when I first came here, before I got used to things...Lenore helped me, that's why we were such good friends. She kept me sane, and I created these hiding places so she wouldn't have to get beheaded or eaten."

"I am...sorry about killing her." I waved my hand.

"Most of the things here are evil, and you just didn't know...Besides, when she reappears, we have a designated meeting spot not far from here, by another hiding place. She'll do okay by herself."

"Well, then I suggest you rest here for a few hours before we venture out to the portal. There will undoubtedly be many things chasing us when we leave this place, and you are much more vulnerable than I."

"I know...Well, if we're going to be here, I might as well try to rest for real." I took off my tattered jacked and rolled it up as a makeshift pillow and laid down.

It was cold, as it always was in Purgatory, and I shivered quite a bit on the cold dirt floor. I heard a rustle and bolted upright, but it was just the angel taking off his trench coat.

"What are you doing?"

"You're cold. Here." He draped his coat over my legs.

"That's...Thanks." I pulled it further over myself and said "I thought angels weren't supposed to be so...humane."

"We aren't. I was among the humans for several months prior to my coming here, and it has...affected me."

"Well, that's not such a bad thing." He looked at me questioningly. "Being an emotionless being means you're detached...You can't really try to help mankind or make decisions for us if you can't understand how we'd react."

"You seem to be very humane for someone who has been trapped here for so long."

"Maybe it's because you're the first face I've seen other than Lenore that hasn't tried to kill me." I chuckled at my own joke, and to my surprise, a yawn escaped my lips. "Well, I guess I was more tired than I thought."

"Then rest. We will have a harsh journey ahead of us when you awaken." I laid my head down and was almost immediately asleep.


"Devin." My eyes snapped open and I sat up at the sound of my name. I was woozy though, and immediately slumped against whatever was directly beside me. "Devin, wake up."

"Castiel..?" I blinked and some of the wooziness receded, and I saw I'd slumped against Castiel. I quickly sat up again, this time keeping hold of a part of the tree. "Is it time to go already?"

"Yes. Come, we must hurry."

At that, my mind quickly took over and returned to its usual high-alert state, eliminating most of the fatigue I felt from having actually rested. I climbed out of the hole and saw it had become lighter outside, though I knew it wasn't morning, because there wasn't really a morning here.

Castiel climbed out and said "Come, we must hurry."

"You can't teleport us again?" He shook his head.

"I only have limited use of my powers here, and they require a long recovery time before I can use them again. Come." I followed Castiel quickly through the trees, noting we were headed directly away from the body of water, towards a mountainous ridge.

"Is this the path you took with Dean before?" I was admittedly worried, because the mountains had tighter trees in a lot of places and gave creatures a lot more places to hide.

"Yes, Dean and I traveled this way. Two Leviathans had attacked us when we arrived at the portal, but Dean was able to travel safely through."

"Why didn't you?" Castiel didn't answer, only hurry his pace a bit. "If I go through that portal, are you going to come with me?"

" not sure if I can. I am not human, nor have I ever been." The ground beneath our feet started to rise, and it started to get harder for me to take breaths. Castiel must've noticed my labored breathing because he asked "What is wrong?"

"I don't come into the mountains here, so I'm not used to the terrain...I was attacked here before." I decidedly didn't mention that I had appeared in Purgatory up in these mountains, or that I was attacked by something and had been stabbed in the chest. The injury had left me with a scar and permanent breathing problems.

"If you wish to not be attacked again, I suggest we hurry. Something may have sensed my presence already." He picked up the pace further, and I was forced to hold a hand to my chest as it started to throb with pain.

I labored through a long jog, at least 2 miles had to be my guess, and by the time we reached to the top of the ridge, I was nearly on my knees.

"Just...give me...a moment..." I bent over and heaved several breaths, feeling more pain as my injury was irritated. If I couldn't slow my breathing soon, it would start to bleed again. "Can't you angels...heal people...or something?"

"Here, I cannot. If I am able to go through the portal...I will heal you then." I looked up at him and managed to stand straight up.

"How much further is it?"

"Not very far...Come." He took me by the hand then and I followed him into a small clearing. Castiel pointed to a shimmering I hadn't seen before, and as we approached, it fully opened into a shimmering blue portal. "It only opens in the presence of a human. It was created by God in case a human was ever trapped here. We have a limited amount of time before it will close..."

"And what makes you so sure you'll even be able to pass through?" I spun as I heard a voice and a cloud of black smoke crashed down right near us. The form coalesced into a man and he stood, and I didn't need Castiel yelling 'It's a Leviathan!' to know what it was. I'd been here long enough and had seen enough of them to know. "Castiel, how nice it is to see you again. The last time we met, you helped Dean Winchester stab me in the neck. Literally."

"Dîck...I can't say I'm as pleased to see you as you are to see me." Castiel moved between the Leviathan and I. "Devin, you go to that portal and you get out of here...I'll take care of him."

The Leviathan looked like a businessman, but I knew that was just the body he was in when he died. As the Leviathan turned his eyes to me, I idly wondered who's body he'd taken when he was on Earth.

"And who is that delectable little piece of mortal standing behind you? I can smell her humanity from here." I froze. "And here I thought Dean was the only human in the whole of Purgatory. How did you manage to wind up here?"

I moved behind Castiel as I said "Does it really matter? I'm a delicacy to your kind in here...So I know there's only one thing you want to do with me."

"I can't deny shall we get this over with?"

I could see Castiel tense up and ready himself for the fight, but with no weapon in his hands, it was guaranteed that he would lose. And if an angel got killed in Purgatory...Even I wasn't sure what would happen to him.

The distance to the shimmering blue portal was two or three yards only, and I could easily cover that in a few long strides. The Leviathan was probably twice that distance, so if the angel and I hurried, we might be able to make it...

"Ah, yes...I remember you now." I paused mid-planning to look back at the Leviathan. "You appeared in these mountains, didn't you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Have you forgotten already? You probably don't recognize me, since I looked different then...I believe I tried to eat your heart out?" I froze and my hand moved to my scar on my chest. "Oh, how surprised I was to find a human..."

The Leviathan turned, still rambling to himself, and I saw my opportunity. I grabbed the angel by the back of his long trench coat and yanked him backwards. The Leviathan turned and yelled just as I yanked the angel through the portal, and we disappeared into darkness.

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