Nothing Is As It Seems (An Original Group Story)

This is a horror story that I thought would be cool to write.

Chapter 1

Crossing The Line

My name is Josh Tucker, I am 18, averagelly fit and this is how I escaped death for the first time.

I woke up and checked my alarm clock, 7:30am, time for breakfast, I got dressed and walked into the kitchen, made some toast and sat at the table eating it. While I sat there I thought about my life, all the things I've done and I did not feel proud of myelf, I decided to visit my mother, see how she was doing. As I was driving I noticed the sky was an unusual red colour, I dismissed it as unimportant and continued driving.

When I got to my mothers house I knocked on the door and got no response, I continued knocking for a bit and eventually, the door just fell over, a little shocked I walked in, I couldn't find her anywhere, but when I opened the door to her room I saw the floor was covered in a pool of blood, I walked inside and all of a sudden my mothers body fell out of a cupboard and I jumped, startled by her sudden appearance, I checked her body, there were no signs of harm on the back of her body so I turned the body over. On her face was carved


I turned and quickly ran to the front door to find the door had been replaced by iron bars, I checked the windows to see that they were clouded in black fog that absorbed a chair when I tried to break it with it, not knowing what to do I checked the house for anything I could use to defend myself from whatever it was that had killed my mother, I found a meat tenderizer, not much, but I'm not looking to kill anyone.

I was standing in the living room spinning around to make sure nothing was there when all of a sudden, all the bulbs in the house blew up, luckily none of the glass or plastic shards hit me, I wandered around trying to find some kind of light source when I ran into something, something hard, I felt it with my hands and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw it was my mother, her eyes had become black holes, oozing blood, in her hand was a bloody knife, without thinking I smashed her in the side of her head with the tenderizer, it failed to do anything and as I took a step back my mother smiled and uppercutted me across the room, my vision blurred but my survival instincts kicked in and adrenalin flowed through my body, using this energy I rammed my mother sending her flying into a window, I couldn't see clearly but I heard glass shatter, using what little energy I had left I jumped over my mothers limp body and just as I was halfway through the window something grabbed my foot, not bothering to look I stood up and stepped on whatever grabbed me, I heard a scream and ran as fast as I could, opening the door to my car getting in and starting the car.

I gasped for air, my body exhuasted from what happened, when I checked my mirror and saw my mother sprinting after my car, I yelled,
"Damn it!"
And continued driving, stomping on the accelorater, too afraid to look back, I drove to a police station, jumping out of the car and sprinting inside, I slammed the door shut behind me and looked outside to see my mother was gone, but scratched into the hood of my car was,


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