I Call It My Moment Of Weakness


Chapter 1

Let Nobody Know

there is only so much pain
that my heart can hold
there is too many memories
that have gone so long untold

I thought that I could take it
I though that I was strong
but when I fell down to my knees
I knew that I had been so wrong

call it my moment of weakness
as my eyes fill up with tears
I felt the pain in every tear drop
that ive kept hide for all these years

I can feel my heart grow weaker
I can feel my body ache
my heart shatters a little more
every time my smile is fake

its been my little secret
I wanted no one to know
from the time I was small
I never let it show

im calling this my moment of weakness
as I pull the blade across my wrist
the pieces of my heart keep telling me
"its ok, you wont be missed"

I listen to its guiding words
not with my ears, but with my soul
I watch the blood fall down my arm
for a moment, I lost control

this is my final moment of weakness
as im trapped in the world's darkness known as hate
so I dig the blade a little deeper
and leave my life in the hands of fate


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