I'm Not that Easy~A Love Story

I'm Not that Easy~A Love Story

Dawn. A vampire. She does't talk much, she's shy, and likes to be alone.
Tristan. A human. Popular, confident, and outgoing. Tristan senses something about Dawn that he can't just let it go.... He's not going to let it go. But Sana is in the way. She likes Tristan, too.

Chapter 1

Vampire (Dawn's P.O.V)

by: CaughtUp
You Know what? There's this feeling that's in me... It's weird. I want to drink your blood so badly. But I'm dangerous, a vampire. I don't want to hurt you.

My name is Dawn, and I'm 18 years old. You don't need to know anything more about me. That's just it. No address, no appearance, no hobbies. I can't tell you anything except my name and age. Nothing else.

It feels like a circle. I feel trapped in it. Can't I just be mysterious? Why do people want to find out more about me. I've changed, my past was horrible. Me being happy, but now.... I just don't want to talk to anybody, I want to be alone.

But, let's just start the story.


The sun was glazed with the bright colors of orange, a pale pastel color of pink and a dash of red. It streamed down the sky as my eyes sparkled like it reflected the sunlight.

My eyes fluttered open to see tons of girls, standing behind the wires and checking out the boys in the basketball court. Especially the boy who had chestnut brown hair and aqua blue eyes that matched perfectly.

The girls were absolutely falling for that boy, but I payed no more attention to him than I did to a little speck of dust. Touching the book that was just below my chin, my fingertips met the paper, as I pretended reading the lines. But all I wanted to do was just be alone and hear no noise.

"Wow, Tristan is so cool!", I heard girls squealing. Normally, I would just ignore and continue doing something else, but I participated with just a single question. "What makes him so cool?", I asked.

Suzy, the one who stuck to me all the time looked at me with curious eyes. "Uh- Hello? Dawn, just because your new doesn't mean you can't know about Tristan!", Suzy answered. There was no correct reply to my question. But at least another girl told me, "He's great at sports, mostly basketball, he's mysterious, he's totally amazing and really good looking and fit."

Nodding, my bangs covered my eyes, as I breathed heavily and looked back at my book. "Okay.", I quickly replied. All I wanted was just an answer. I didn't want to find out more about him or it wasn't like I was interested in him.

I never smile and never laugh. Not after what happened to me in the past. What happened? I don't really want to talk about that...

Tristan walked over to us a bit closer, not because he wanted to flirt with us, because the wires were where the exit door was placed. All I smelled was... Sweat but a mix with sweet blood that stinged my nose. It was terrible for me to frighten humans and let them find out I was a vampire. Tristan gave me a glance and then looked bak at the boys that crowded over him either treating him like a king or giving a pat on the back.

He smiled. I remember in my sudden flashback... Deciding to head home after school the same old scent rose into my nostrils. The sunshine blinded me as I pulled my scarf more closer to my mouth. As I sit on an empty seat, I feel tired and start to close my eyes, followed by my eye lashes. The scent surrounded me, like it was a person and sat next to me. Blood..... I was so thirsty all of a sudden. My fangs widened a bit as I made a quiet hissing sound.

Without me knowing, my mouth headed next to the scent, but I was bothered due to a voice rising. "Hey.... You, what do you think your doing?", the boy asked. My vision was extra blurry maybe due to the sunshine. No thanks to the windows that don't block it.

But I got to meet his eyes. The same blue eyes I met somewhere.... He just seemed so familiar. I couldn't resist but start to pull away and notice that it was Tristan. "Oh no...", I breathed. My fingers hunted straight for my bag as I slung it around my shoulder. The doors opened as I quickly sprinted out the door, avoiding Tristan. "What have I done..", I thought to myself.

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