Saying Goodbye to an Angel

One of my long time best friends died a little over month ago and I wrote this on the night of her visitations. It hit me hard because she died three days before her 15th birthday.
Events in my life and my surroundings often inspire me. I love to right poetry because its my way of expressing myself.
My favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe.

Chapter 1

In Loving Memory of Bobbie Jo B.

Outside I'm not crying
Eventhough I don't see you at all
But inside I'm dying
As I pass through this crowded hall
Still looking for you and trying
To stay strong and walk tall
But to my friends I am lying
About resisting the urge to fall
Eventhough it feels like I am flying
My reality has slowed down to a crawl

I hate saying goodbye to a friend
Especially this early in our lives
But everything must come to an end
And those of us left behind
Must try and defend
The memory of you
And away we must send
All the negative thoughts
That seem to descend
Upon us,as we say goodbye to an angel


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