This is about fear. Please tell me what you think.

Chapter 1


Alone, unwanted
She thinks, she does
It's like the world
Sees no peace, no doves
In the chaos from pain
She swears silently
And cries inside
Oh so violently
It hurts her to see
She has no beauty
And no one sees
She's stinging like bees
The loudest cries
Are the ones you don't hear
And it doesn't matter
If you're far or near
You have to see
She shivers from fear
She fears the fear
And tells you dear
"Hurt me not while I am here"
And cries are heard
Late at night
From pain of unknown
So acted of sight
And doesn't care
Who hears her now
So long as they don't fear her now
And can't see colors
Except for red
And hears no words now
Except for dead
So scared in the dark
Of the possibilities
She whispers softly
"Please don't kill me."


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