Just like Juliette

Just like Juliette

Chapter 1

A poem

Just like Juliette
That's what everyone wants to be.
Just like Juliette
With an exception of me.

I wish to be free
Not a prisoner of romance
Not someone who would kill herself
After just one little dance.

I want to be myself
Not some character from a book
Who fell in love
From just one look.

Love is great for others,
But from my point of view;
Love is the day
That I found you.

I became that person,
A prisoner of love;
I thought it was given
From God above.

Then that day came
When you broke my heart,
Ripped it out,
And tore it apart.

Now I know,
I will never be like Juliette.
Never again will I fall in love.
Never again will I find regret.

(Hope you guys like it. It's not my best, but I've always wanted to kinda write a poem about my feelings in love. Also this is not meant to be offensive to Shakespear's work. He is a great inspiration to me and Romeo and Juliette is one of my fav stories)

Links to two fav poems:


Mark Twain and William Shakespeare are my two favorite poets


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