Harder To Breathe

This is a song a wrote for Quibblo's contest. Enjoy! I'm really self concious about my writing so please, no mean comments! Thanks! )

Chapter 1

Screw Chapter Titles!

Verse One:

My friends say your not my type.
But I know better.
Your perfect for me
And I'd be perfect for you
Your a nine and I'm the
One you need

Verse 2;
They all say I should move on
Your basically already gone
Why should I like you when you
Don't like me
You say I'm pretty and all
But you still let me fall.


You say were just friends
But I want to be more instead


I can't explain what you do to me
But all I know is that
When I'm with you
My heart pounds
And I have to remind myself
How to function
Because when I'm with you
It's harder to breathe


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