Our "Okay."

Inspired by The Fault In Our Stars - John Green

Chapter 1

Our Own "I Love You."

by: Shackled
Look at them and watch what they do.
They repeat themselves, look at the two!
They don't truly mean what they say,
But they say it one billion times a day.

They say "I love you" between every kiss
And send 1,000 of those texts when it's each other, they miss.
I find it silly. I find it untrue.
But watch, it'll all end out of the blue.

I realize my heart wants to say that too.
Those three words. That "I love you."
But I don't want to sound too cliche.
Would it be fine if I said "okay?"

"You're so perfect and you are mine.
My lady, how are you doing tonight?"


At night, we can text
It to and fro,
Staying up until a time
That I've never known.

"Okay." "Okay." "Okay."
And now I can officially say,
I love you, dear and you are mine.
Now will that be "okay?"


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