Hunger Games Group Story (D6 female tribute open, read chapter 4)

Starts May 9th

Chapter 1



GIRL TRIBUTE (time4dance):

Name: Oceania Sandai (Oh-she-Anne-ah San-day)
District or Capitol: District 4
Participation: Tribute
Age: 17
Weapon: Close range combat; knife and sword. Prefers knife. Trickery.
Family: Father-Trains Careers (Victor), Mom-teaches. Little sister, Maja (13). Rich.
Strength: Can make people like her; Sponnsers. Career; training. Swimming. Agile, light, fast. Strong. Pretty.
Weakness: Career; ARAGONT. Doesn't believe she will loose, more likely to get hurt. Can't feed herself/doesn't know how to go hungry. Dependent on supplies. Can be a snob.
Allies : Other Careers (D1,D2,D4)
Looks: Long, curly, dark brown hair that is knotted from the sea, tan and fit. Green eyes that twinkles mischievously, tall (5'9). A crooked nose from where someone broke it in training.


Name: Eric Trenton
District: District 4
Participation: Tribute
Age: 16
Weapon: Club
Family: Father-Algebra Teacher, Mom-(Victor)-housewife, Older sister (17), stays in Victor's Village in District 4.
Strengths: Crafty, knowledge of mechanics, can crawl into tight and enclosed spaces.
Weaknesses: Scrawny, bit of a nerd, doesn't think before speaking, hums while thinking (could accidentally attract attention)
Allies: District 4 girl (if possible)
Training Score (Yet to be determined)

Mentor (Melly_AP)

Ruthany Overdeen
District 4
Age: 29
Weapon: Axe
How you won: I had stayed in the trees the entire time, killing only 3 tributes with my axe, and let the others die off by other fatalities and by nature.
Mentoring: Oceania Sandai
Family: Older brother(Jackalope), parents died at 63 a few years back.
Strengths: Very agile and clever
Weaknesses: Not good under stress

MENTOR (Ikblack3):
Name: Derrick Finn
Age: 21
District: 4
Looks: Bright redish-orange that's spiked up, pale green eyes, tall with a stocky build
Mentoring: Eric
Weapon: Traps
How You Won Games: Hid, waiting for everyone to kill each other and set traps
Strengths: Fast, smart, quick to react
Weaknesses: Not so strong unlike to his body

Name: Gaia Linwood
District (before becoming an Avox): District 7
Participation: Avox
Age: 16
Reason for becoming an Avox: she heard about District 13 and helped spread word about its existence throughout her district, even helping her older brothers and some family friends escape while she was captured by the Peacemakers
Family: Mother died three days after she was born, her father was shot; she has four older brothers who escaped to District 13
Strength: Quick-minded; she's very intelligent naturally. She was brought up lifting lumber so she's physically very strong, but she also has strength of will and she's very loyal. She knows how to navigate through forests better than an animal could.
Weaknesses: her stubbornness makes her inflexible when it comes to decision-making, and she doesn't often change her mind. She's slow to trust others and though she's not unattractive, people can dislike her because of her sharp tongue and short fuse (before she was an Avox). Very, very quick to anger.


MALE TRIBUTE (tammy1360):

Name: Deryn Jones
Age: 13
District: 6
Participation: Tribute
Looks: Dark brown hair. Fair skin. Light green eyes. Short.
Allies: Don't know yet.
Family: Sister named May (4), brother named Joe (18), and father named Kraig.
Weapon: Throwing Knives
Strengths: Sneaky and fast
Weaknesses: Doesn't always pay attention

Hemalynn Forth
Age: 22
District 6
Weapon: Spear and long range weapons
How they won: Joined Careers, killed of look out when everyone was asleep then took out the remaining three by getting them all with the spear.
Mentoring: Sharia
Strengths: Elusive and sly, a way with words
Weaknesses: Poor with vegetation identification?
Looks: Fae built, average height. Natural ombre hair; dirty blonde near roots that fade to gold at bottom. Green eyes. Freckles.

Name: Blye Edenthaw
Age: 23
District: 6
Mentoring: Deryn
Looks: Long dirty blonde hair to waist, green eyes, freckles. Tall, slim
Weapon: Bow and arrow
How Won Games: She has very quiet, stealthy, and intelligent. She made an ally with the male tribute from 12, learned how to hunt from him, and killed him. She learned fishing from the 4 girl, and then killed her. The boy from 11 taught her about plants. She killed him after learning. She learned to use a bow and arrow in the woods and the training center. Using the skills she already had and the ones she learned, she killed many other tributes, and soon the fight was between her and the Career boy from 1. She found him, and when she did, she was quiet so he didn't notice her. She shot him with her bow and arrow.
Strengths: smart, knows typical strategies of tributes from certain districts, cares about who she mentors, understanding, honest, good at teaching
Weaknesses: comes up with risky strategies, stubborn, always wants everything her way, can be bossy.

Will be called "Slaves of the Game". Make of that what you will. Cred to Chloe.

If you are a mentor or Avox, you get to play game maker behind the scenes. Basically though private messaging each other you decide training scores, "natural" disasters, Mutt appearances, deaths (possible), ect.

Also we need what eco-system the arena is and the tittle.

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