After some time- A Draco Malfoy love story Year 5

Hey Guys! This is a follow on, going into year 5. It follows the plot line.
Main character
Ariella Greyson, nickname Ari
Appearance: Black straight hair down to back, brown eyes
House: Gryffindor
Blood: Pureblood
Siblings: One older brother, year above name Tye Greyson
Best friends: Harry, Hermione, Ron.
Hope you enjoy! Please comment and rate!
Note: Major scenes and characters do not belong to me

Chapter 1

The Order

The Order.
I was at Sirius' house with Hermione and the Weasley's waiting the arrival of Harry. I had been here a couple of days, my parents had let me come, although they thought I was at the burrow.
We had to swear that we did not tell anyone we were here. By Dumbledore. Even Harry himself did not know we were here.
On top of that we had heard that Harry had encountered with a dementor. E ha a hearing at the Ministry for Underage Magic.
Mad-eye along with a few of the order had gone to get Harry from his horrible Aunt and Uncles.

We sat upstairs waiting, I was sitting on the bed.
"He's going to be really upset with us." I said, picturing Harry's face.
"I know, but we swore to Dumbledore that we could not tell anyone." Hermione said.
"He will understand." Ron said, and I bit my lip as we resentfully waited.

I could hear faint footsteps along with Kreachers mumbling from outside, he had been doing this ever since we came. The footsteps gradually got louder and louder. Stop. There were no more, the door knob twisted half the way and the door opened to-
"Harry!" Hermione yelled and hugged him really tight.
"Oh Harry, thank god your here." I said and hugged him. "Are you alright?"
"We heard about the Dementor Attack, you must tell us everything." Hermione said, bombarding him with questions.
"Let him breathe Hermione." Ron said. But Hermione was reluctant and did not, as per usual.
"An the Hearing at the ministry. It's outrageous. They simply cannot expel you, it's completely unfair."
Harry walked into the room,
"There is loads of that going round, at the moment. So what is this place?" Harry asked.
"It's Headquarters." Ron said,
"For the Order of the Phoenix." Hermione said.
"It's a secret society, Dumbeldore formed it back when they fought 'you know who'" I said.
"Suppose you could not me write a letter?" Harry asked. "I've gone all summer without a scrap of news."
"We wanted to mate, we really did. Only..." Ron said, trailing off.
"Only what?" Harry asked.
"Only Dumbledore made us swear not to tell you anything." Hermione said.
"Dumbeldore said that." Harry said with confusion. "Why would he want to keep me in the dark, maybe i could've helped. After all I'm the one who saw Voldemort return, I'm the one who fought him, I'm the one who saw Cedric Diggory get murdered." Harry's voice got angrier and angrier.
Just then Fred and George apparated behind Harry, giving all of us frights.
"Harry." Fred said,
"Thought we heard your dulcet tones." George said, "Don't bottle it up though mate, let it out."
"Anyway, if your all done shouting." Fred said.
"Do you want to hear something a little more interesting?" George said. They both had big smiles on their faces.

"What are these?" I asked as Fred pulled out a ear with a flesh coloured string attached from it.
"An extendable ear." George said. He lowered the string down towards the door of the Order Meeting. We crowded around the upstairs banister, to get a good listen.
"Hi Ginny." Harry whispered, as Ginny came and joined us.
I didn't hear much only the word 'Snape'
"Snape?" Harry asked. "Snape's here?"
"Yeah, giving a top secret report." Fred said.
"Hermione! Your bloody cat!" Ron said agitatedly as Crookshanks was messing with the ear.
"Bad Crookshanks!" Hermione whispered loudly to her cat. But then her cat yanked the ear off the string and walked away with it in its mouth.
We all sighed heavily.

It was sort of good that Crookshanks got rid of it for us because seconds after the door opened, Mrs Weasley called us down.
"Dinner is ready!" Mrs Weasley announced.
"Harry." Mr Weasley said "Good to see you!" While shaking Harry's hand.
"Hello Mr Weasley."
"Harry Potter." A voice came from behind Mr and Mrs Weasley, as they moved, Sirius came into sight.
Harry gave Sirius a hug; it made me smile.

We sat around the table, eating. Tonks was changing her nose, first into a pig, then a beak. Everyone was laughing.
"I don't understand what has the Ministry of magic go against me?" I heard harry say in the background as cutlery was hating against plates and cups against the table.
"Show him." Mad-eye said from the corner where he was standing. "He will know soon enough."
Shacklebolt gave Harry a copy of the Daily Prophet.
"He's been attacking Dumbledore aswell," Lupin said.
"Fudge is using all his powers to smear anyone was says the Dark lord has returned." Sirius said.
"Why?" Harry asked.
"The minister thinks Dumbledore is after his job." Lupin said.
"But that's insane!" Harry said, shocked. "No one in the right mind would think that Dumbledore-"
"-That's exactly the point." Lupin said, "Fudge isn't in the right mind, he's been twisted and warped by fear. Now fear makes one do terrible things, Harry."
"We think Voldemort is putting together an army, like before." Sirius said, "He had a vast number of followers and not only witches and wizards but many dark creatures. He has been recruiting heavily and we've been attempting to do the same. But that's not only what he is doing-"
Mad-eye coughed,
"We think Voldemorts after something-"
"-Sirius!" Mad-Eye said in a thick voice.
"-Something he didn't have last time." Sirius continued. I frowned not fully understanding.
"Like a weapon?" Harry asked.
"No that's enough!" Mrs Weasley said sternly. "He's just a boy." She took the Daily Prophet away. "If you say anymore you may aswell induct him into the order-"
"Good!" Harry said, "if Voldemorts pitting up an army, I want to fight!"
And then we were sent to bed.

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