Who wants to do a group story with me, part 2!! :)

While I'm waiting for more entries for my other group story, I thought how about I make another group story, just out of boredom! So your entry will actually be due on April 20th. This time I'm taking 4 people, or if it's less than four I'll just make it that number.

Chapter 1


Alright hey guys! Like if you read in the intro, I'm making another group story! Sounds stupid but I'm doing it! So the plot is this (I already made an intro because I'm that excited!) Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge, that's the biggest fear around the Kingdom of Porecia is that the people from the 9 villages who they control will realize what they're capable of doing, so they have test for children when they turn 18, if they have either high intelligence, high strength, high agility, high trickery (good at lies stuff like that) or high weapon skill scores, they are sent to the Kingdom to be slaughtered and some are shown on live TV so the villages don't rebel. But when a group of kids break out of the slaughterhouse and escape the kingdom, they decide to tell other villages that if we all stick together we can defeat them. But when a bounty hunter begins hunting them down, they must hurry before time runs out. (It's actually shorter but that's the main idea.) Alright, anyways I need 4 people each of the certain skill, good intelligence, good weapon skills, good strength, and good tricks. I'm taking two guys and two girls, if you want to do romance I don't care, I'm gonna have on of the characters whose not you guys be my characters lover. Anyways, my example!

Name: Annabeth Margret Swann
Age must be 18 so don't bother adding
Skill: Agility
Appearance: Short cropped red-brown hair, almost black brown eyes, medium pale skin, and 5'11"
Family: Lives with her mom, her dad died due to an accident at his work, and only child, they live on a small ranch with horses.
Village: 5 Livestock
Job: Took care of horses until a person from the Capitol buys them
Personality: Kind, hard to make her upset, funny, can be sarcastic, athletic, loves animals, and takes school work seriously but her best grades are B+ due to her mother's concerns of being taken away.
Love Interest: James Polster (You don't have to be him but it's an option if you're stuck on ideas)
Back story: Her sister was taken away due to her high intelligence, and later she learns her father's death was on purpose because he realized the spirit of the human being.

Important info I forgot to mention! facepalm myself Here's the villages and their job p.s. you begin working at age 16 so you have that job!

Village 1: Electrcity (Factory worker or electrcian sent to the capitol)
Village 2: Printing (You create ink or you create book covers)
Village 3: Wood life (Lumberjack or hunter)
Village 4: Fabrics Cotton Farms and factories(Cotton farm picker or factory worker
Village 5: Livestock (Rancher, or Breeder)
Village 6: Buildings (Blacksmith apprentice or Bricklayer)
Village 7: Transportation (Conductor or Mechanic)
Village 8: Medicine (Doctor for districts or herb hunter)
Village 9: Farming (Farmer or Cropper)
Good luck!

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