You're Like a Cloud - Poem

The other day I was laying on my floor looking at the bright sky and clouds outside my window and I was thinking about my crush and I came up with this and decided to submit it. I have never really rad any poetry but I want to so if you have any good recommendations let me know.

Chapter 1

You're Like a Cloud

Here I am
Laying in a grassy field
Wild flowers growing.
Blossoming all around me

As I lay on my back
Fluffy white clouds
Float through
The bright blue sky

It's so calming.
I could just stay here
Watching them

I'm thinking again,
But that's not a surprise
I always do,
And my thoughts
Are always, You.

In my mind you're like a cloud,
Floating, your name floating around
In my mind as though it was a cloud
Floating through the sky.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow or,
Sometimes not moving at all.
You're always there, you never leave,
Like a cloud never leaves the sky.

At times it feels like you're finally gone,
But something will catch my eye, anything
And it will mind me of you
Or even make me wish that they,
Were us.

Proving, proving that you're still there,
You never left.
Not even for a moment.
You're always here, in my mind.

Like a cloud is always in the sky,
Though it may not be clear
Or seen that second
They are there, in the big never ending sky.

And here I am,
In a meadow with blossoming wild flowers,
And with you,
Never leaving my mind.


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