Harry Potter One Shots!

Hope you enjoy, I wrote them myself :)

Chapter 3

For: Draco_Malfoy_is_Mine

by: Pierced_
Name: Rosalinda Azoria Volz
Nicknames: Azori
Age: 15
Hair: Straight black hair
Eyes: Deep Brown
Wand: Phoenix feather, supple, 12"
House: Gryffindor
Best Friend: Ron, Hermione and Harry
Love Interest: Malfoy but thinks he's an absolute vile being.
Other: Hates when people call her Rosalinda, or anything sounds like her first name. Only person who ever was allowed to call her Rosalinda was her uncle who died when she was younger, and she dearly loved
Thinks all types of bloods should be accepted

Sorry it took so long, forgive me! I wrote it all, but then it deleted the whole thing! >:(

Anyway, enjoy!


Azori's POV

"Now, what is the spell to turn a pin into a needle?" Hermione asks me.

"Um... I don't know! Ugh! I will never pass the Transfiguration test tomorrow!" I groan, setting my book down.

"No, I promised I would help you, and you will pass it tomorrow!" Hermione argues.

It was a normal Wednesday, and Hermione promised she would help me study for a really hard Transfiguration test. We were sitting under a tree near the Black Lake, with some other Ravenclaws around reading their books.

We study a little more when Hermione looks up and put a sour look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I ask as she looks down at her book.

"Malfoy. Don't look up." she says quietly.

But unfortunately, Malfoy swaggers toward us and stops. "Mudblood. Rosalinda."

I cringe, I hated people calling me that. "Call me Azori, not... that." I say, stading up and facing him.

"What are you going to do about it?!" he sneers, his gray eyes piercing my deep brown ones.

"You're a total git Malfoy, you know that, right?" I say.

Draco looks offended, grabs my wrist, and starts to drag me away from Hermione.

"Hey! Let me go!" I yell. "Hermione!"

Hermione takes her wand out but Crabbe and Goyle hold her back.

Draco finally lets go of me when we are out of earshot. "What was that for?!" I shout, a little too loud.

"Shush Azori!" he hisses. Then he smirks and says, "I'm surprised you called me that back there."

"Well you are!" I whisper shout.

"I know you didn't mean it... because you like me." he whispers in my ear.

I froze. Me? Like him?! Pftt... I don't like him.... I think....

"This is so confusing!" I whisper.

"Well, let me make it less confusing. Meet me here after dinner tonight. Come alone." And with that, Draco turns and heads back to the castle.

I stood there, surprised... yet happy.

"Azori! What did he do?!" Hermione says running over.

"Nothing... we just talked." Well, that's not a total lie.

She looked at me funny but then brushed it off. "We'd better get back to the castle to find Harry and Ron."

"Yea.. probably." I say, and we start to walk back up to the castle. But I couldn't stop thinking about tonight...

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