The Quibblo Tournaments

Congratulations, you have found the fifth clue!

Fifth Clue:
Find the deep and very meaningful story of one of my favorite versions of toast.

Chapter 1

Calling Contestants

So, allow me to explain my idea.

Let's say we have 16 contestants in the Quibblo Tournaments.

Each day, I will post a new chapter that looks like this.

Chapter Example

Today's Match:
User 1 VS User 2

Story Topic:

The gist is that the two users each have to submit a one-chapter story about the chosen story topic. The next day, I will review both entries and whichever entry has the highest (or most) ratings will be the winner.

I will then post the winner's name in the next chapter. The loser is out of the tournaments but the winner survives and will stay on til the next round.

Here is a example of how the whole tournament set-up will look like:

So User 1 will go against User 2, then User 3 VS User 4. On and on until we have a champion.

If you are interested in competing, please post your username in the comments below. Once I have all 16 contestants, I will post more details in the next chapter.


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