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Chapter 1

Much more, than she ever asked for...

Rain poured onto the cobblestone path, the waves of the sea clashed as lost ships pulled into port. Thunderstorms surrounded Jamaica, there was no hope of avoiding the inevidible, the town was quiet as the storm raged. Up on the only hill, stood the governor's house, the house stood out like a torch in darkness. A lit candle shown in the governors bedroom.
" Tell me another story daddy" whispered the governor's daughter, Elanor.
" Not now sweet heart, mommy's sleeping and the storm rages on, you have to get to bed." Governor Hederson replied. He gazed out the window at thunder shook the house, Elanor clutched her dad's arm harder.
" It'll be over soon, I promise" He said calmly. His wifes fingers moved over the sheets to clutch Elanor's small fingers.
" Go to your bed room. We must rest." He ran his fingers through his daughters red hair. She took the candle as she got up and left the room.
" She'll never fall asleep, you know."
" Yes, I know. She's always wondering about something" He replied. Hederson's head slumped on the pillow facing the window. Rain pattered against the rare glass, a gift from the King of England when he settled in Jamaica. His eyes battered sleepily, he heard the faint slight breathing of his wife, and quietly slipped into a deep sleep.
" I wonder whats out there, I mean, other than here." Elanor said as she rolled on her bed looking out the window.
" Dear, there isn't much. Only Europe and the edge of the world, standing like a waterfall." Elanor's maid said as she laid out Elanor's nightgown.
" Whats over the edge of the world?" She asked.
" We don't know, no ones come back to tell us." replied the maid, " Now get dressed and go to bed, I'll see you in the morning" Elanor started to pull on her nightgown. She looked out the window as lightning flashed in the distance. The sky turned the color of orange and gold, the last damaged ship pulled into port. The sails were torn into shreds and the boat itself had various wounds from battles, but no one came off. The faint splash of row boats dropping into the water echoed slightly, the moon broke through the clouds to shine on the ship, only to be closed off again. Elanor sighed, she tapped the windowsill slightly, holding her head in her hand.
" I'm going to explore the world someday, maybe not today, but someday." She said to herself. Flute music floated through the air, slow and distinct, almost like a mourning song. The rain became louder, the thunder shook the house viciously. A house near the port suddenly burst into flames, shrapnel flew, gun shots sounded. Screams came from every direction in the town, more houses exploded each getting closer and closer. 6 shadows of men ran to the main door of the house, they pounded on the door. Elanor ran to the balcony of the house over looking the main door. Elanor's maid went to open it only to find the door being knocked down. Hands grabbed her wrists and pulled her out the door screaming. Elanor hurriedly ran back to her room and crawled under her bed, heavy footsteps echoed through the halls. Angry voices shouted at each other, they were looking for something. Something they wouldn't leave without. Elanor shivered as she heard her father wake shouting, then suddenly his shouts were cut short and went into a low moan. Red liquid splatted onto the hall floor, a sword fell to the ground. A sword with her father's iron stamp of approval. Spinely fingers gribbed her window sill, something was climbing up the side of the house. Elanors eyes grew wide as blood splattered boots prooded into her room, they threw over the dresser.
" She's in 'ere, she's just... hiding" said one strange voice.
" Oh yes she is, come her kiddy! and we won't hurt you.." chuckled another. The sound of someone slapping another went through the room.
" You idiot, they won't come when you call them!"
" Then what do you suppose we do?"
" We force her out." Elanor watched through a space in the sheets as men lit a match and set her other dresser on fire. She hadn't seen their faces yet, but they seemed like.... like pirates!
" We won't hurt you... we know your here..." called a voice. The figure stumbled across the room, getting nearer to her hiding place. It dropped to its hands and knees and looked under the bed.
Elanor scream echoed through the night, for she looked into the face of a rotting skull. skeleton hands grabbed her ankles and pulled her out.
" Hello there, little one" cooed the skeleton, caressing her hair. Rotting skin fell off and crumbled to the ground. It's jaw unhinged, the teeth jutted out. The eyes rolled in the sockets, veins ran their way though the body. A bandana hid the top of the head.
" Why dear? Why do you look so frightened?" said the skeleton. Elanor started to cry, the skeleton lifted her up and placed her his arm.
" Don't worry," He said. He took a bag from behind his back.
" Now, do you know what this is?" He asked. Elanor shook her head. The skeleton took her by the neck and lifted her to the ceiling.
" This, is a bag" he declared as he shoved Elanor into the bag face-first. He hoisted the bag over his skeleton back and started to run through the halls.
" DAAADDYYYYY!!!" Elanor yelled when they passed her father dead on the ground, a sword though his heart. They ran out into the street, women screamed as their houses fell out by one burning in the chaos. A pirate ran into the street drunk with an explosive in his hand. He launched it at a house as it flew, he laughed an started running to the port. Flames rose higher and bodies lied scattered on the ground. The skeleton man finally reached the ship and threw her below as the boat started to move, they got caught up in the current. Elanor peered through a hole in the side of the ship. Her town in Jamaica burned like a freshly lit torch, she slowly reached out her hand as if to grasp the town in flames. Tears filled her eyes.
Never before did she want to go home so bad, and not explore the world. She turned as boots ran down the wooden steps.
The moon shone to reveil much more that she asked for.


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