Naruto Discussion (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

Naruto Discussion (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

Chapter 1

Sasuke's Answer (Chapter 627)

In the most recent chapters of Naruto manga, Sasuke seems to be reforming; particularly in the latest one, Sasuke has finished listening to Hashirama Senju's (1st Hokage) story and stated, "I'm heading to the battlefield. I will not let the [Leaf] village and my brother be wasted." So yeah, it seems that he's an antihero now, ready to fight alongside the Allied Shinobi Forces against Madara. I could react to this in two ways now:

1) Good, Sasuke! You're finally not an asshole anymore (no offense to the Sasuke fangirls)

2) I wonder. I'm not really sure if I can trust Sasuke to fight on the good side. I mean, for most of the story, hatred and revenge has pretty much defined Sasuke. I mean sure, Masashi Kishimoto might intend to make him an antiheroic protagonist, but shouldn't I expect him to fight Naruto at some point (since it's kinda fated)? If so, what will be Sasuke's mindset be then?

Let me know what you guys think.


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