Soul Eater Story: Death the Kid Love Story Book 1!

Here is a fan fic completely original story I made of soul eater and my favorite character Death the Kid. Please Comment and enjoy, add it your favorites list, give it votes and tell your friends to read it especially the ones who are fans of Soul Eater Anime or Manga version! I"m going to at least post another chapter or two each week, maybe more If I have the time!

Chapter 1

New Character Descriptions

Here are the descriptions for the new characters that I created, I do plan to draw them and then find someway to upload them online!

Character: Jasmine Elaine Porter
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Length: just below shouders
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Color: Really light tan
Clothing: Red t-shirt 2 sizes too big, Light Blue Jean Jacket, Dark blue Capri that stop just below the knees, and black ballet flats.
Weapon or meister: Meister
Partner: Dalton James Porter
Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Caring, Trustworthy, is usually quite calm, but however talks a lot. A bit Tomboyish, and hates the color Pink and wearing dresses. Is the take charge type of girl, and is hard to say no too. Is an expert in the fighting arts such as hand to hand combat, and expert when it comes to weapons.
Hobbies: Video Games, Playing Piano and Guitar, Reading (especially comic books), Drawing, Singing, kicking but, and hanging out with her friends

Character: Dalton James Porter
Age: 15
Hair Color: Black
Length: Short
Eye Color: Bluish Green
Skin Color: Really Light Tan
Glasses: Yes
Weapon Or Meister: Weapon
Type of Weapon: Can transform into more than one type of weapon just as long as it's a wood base weapon, list including Sword, Long Bow, Staff, and a club.
Clothing: Blue button up shirt with Black Vest, Jeans, Socks and Sneakers, with a Black Jacket, Glasses are Black and rectangle shape
Personality: Calm, Shy, Not that Talkative unlike his younger twin sister Jasmine. Is very Intelligent and likes to read books too, and is also kind and caring towards his friends but has a harder time reacting with others and gets nervous all the time. Usually he just hangs out with his sister and join in or watch whatever she is doing.
Hobbies: Computers, Reading ( he has a secret love for romance novels and can be quite the romantic if he weren't too shy), Robotics, Can play the Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar, and Harmonica, but doesn't like singing or being on stage. Has severe case of Stage Fright. However he can sing very well.

Character: Marilyn Monroe Thompson
Age: 36
Weapon or Meister: Rogue Weapon Does not work for DWMA
Weapon: Pistol
Partner: Has none
Looks: Blonde short curly hair, red lipstick, brown eyes, white skin and is considered very attractive.
Clothing: Red strapless dress that goes to right above the knees, with a v-scoop neck, white faux(fake) fur jacket, red stilleto heels.
Personality: Manipulative, Cruel, Blood Lust, Seductive, Evil, Not that Nice over all in general, will trick you. Like Medusa is a very unfit mother, Is the mother of Liz and Patty. Who she abandoned on the streets to pursue the high life leaving her two young weapon daughters to fend for themselves at the age of 8 and 6. (Also despite the famous celebrity in which she was named after and happens to look like, she is nothing like the real Marilyn Monroe)

Hope you enjoy these characters and Will post the first chapter of the story soon! I so plan to draw these characters and upload theirs picks soon


Name: Cameron Lee Gates
Age: 17
Weapon or Meister?: For now he knows that he is a normal human (later you will find out whether he becomes a meister or a weapon. I am so evil I am going to make you wait to find out mwwwaahhhhaahhha!)
Partner: He's dating Liz. But I will be adding a weapon/meister partner to him soon.
Looks: Is really tall 6'2 to be exact. With beach blond hair with some natural highlights. Green eyes. White skin. Has some freckles on his face not many, just a few.
Clothing: Blue jeans. Black, white, and yellow steelers Jersey, with a white long sleeve shirt underneath. White tennis shoes. Also has a rope bracelet with a decorated bead on it from every year he went to summer camp as a kid and every bead has a specific memory on it relating to that person. He has 9 beads in all.
Personality: Athletic, out going, loves football, isn't the smartest but has a good heart. Kinda average except when it comes to sports where he exceeds. Typical Male High School Quarterback.
Additional information: Is the nephew of Bill Gates (in real life Bill Gates does not have a nephew named Cameron but for the story purposes he is.) Despite growing up in a family full of super geniuses he only gained an average intelligence and doesn't doesn't get along with incredibly smart people for the reason that they remind him of his over bearing parents in which he doesn't get along with plus the fact that he hates the fact when smart people look down on him for not being as smart.

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