Because the Sun Loved Her.

MY take on what really happened! It will not include a ton of detail, just a warning.

Chapter 1

Heeheee....insert ineresting chapter title here

There was a time when the Sun was alone in the sky. He was the protector of the Earth, watching from his throne as civilization developed below him. He wasn't like the mortal kings, he was moral and just, shining endlessly day and night. When the humans shook with cold, he sent some of his fire to the bronze plates. When the sweltering summers had them delirious and ill minded, he called in favors from the winds and brought in rain clouds. Up in the heavens, the Sun thought he was perfectly content. Praise, thanks, sweet smelling offerings and sacrifices, admiration from all on land and in the sea. And truth be told, he was doing just fine. The humans had a day dedicated to him at the beginning of every week, to add to his pleasure. All was right with his kingdom. That is, until Selene became the center of his world.

Nothing else mattered but this Fae like human with the purest soul that radiated through her every waking hour. It was the Day of the Sun and he was watching as a colorful parade wove its way through the dirt packed streets of a small village. Wheezy yet energetic music drifted up to his throne, a smile on his face as his foot tapped to the rhythm. He sent his thanks with a soft wind and turning the glare of his throne a sweet golden color, shedding on the celebratory humans below. The juniper trees rustled as larks zipped from one branch to the next, calling out in elation. Satisfied with this, the Sun was about to visit another area when the most captivating voice swirled up and wrapped around his heart, pulling his attention to the marble and gold shrine at the top of the grassy hill, beyond the village. She spoke in song, thanking him repeatedly for blessing her with another year of light and life. Her slim, pale figure was clothed in a simple yellow dress that swept the floor as she swayed to her haunting melody. Pink primrose was woven into her silver hair like a crown, bringing out the blush in her cheeks. He could not take his eyes off her, full attention on the maiden. One by one, she plucked the flowers from the intricate braid and dropped them into the fire blazing in the bronze plate. He could smell her natural fragrance as the sweet smoke drifted up to his throne. Her twisting voice told of her sickness ruling her actions but she was thankful for being able to stay long enough to help her village people, for life wouldn't be life at all if she could not do that. At last, he could bear it no longer. He stepped down from the throne, the sky turning orange with pink and red clouds, creating the first sunset.

Selene had been terrified at first, her crystal blue eyes filling with fear. After much explaining, the Sun finally convinced her she was not in trouble, he just wished to speak with her. She had been awed and attracted to this god like being, his golden eyes entrancing and beautiful. Her took her pale hand in his, leading her to the side of the hill, sitting in the soft grass. She sat next to him, staring up at the many colors that were painted in the sky. As she did that, the Sun started telling her of times before her own, the sights he had seen and cultures he experienced. Whenever she spoke, her voice started to sound like a continuous song, looping and dropping unexpectedly as her hands danced and told stories of their own. In the middle of talking about her childhood, she was cut off by the worst cough, her entire frame shaking. The Sun was then determined to protect this girl, his new purpose in life was to make sure nothing ever happened to her.

When the Sun returned to his throne, he was love sick, his mind in one place only. Stars of his happiness shot from his throne, creating constellations he hoped would be seen as a gift for Selene. Each Day of the Sun, he came down to Earth to meet with her in the shrine. The Sun found what he was missing from life, shocked to find it was in the form of a nineteen year old girl. Selene found a new reason to keep fighting. But as all exquisite things do, this love spiraled downwards. Selene didn't show up at the shrine one week. Curious, the Sun ventured into the village, ignoring the awe inspired and slightly fearful looks he received. He felt as though someone stabbed a white hot poker through his chest when he found Selene was much worse than she had let on. She was bedridden and unable to eat anything. Worst of all, she couldn't sing. With labored breathing and a bleeding cough, it was a struggle to talk at all. The healers could do little for her, just making sure she was cooled off and hydrated as much as possible. The Sun did everything in his power to help her, but if she died, he was powerless. The law of Nature would have prevented him from doing so.

Disparity cloaked the Earth, the sky blood red for two weeks with no sign of changing. The Sun remained by his dying love's side even though it brought him pain, ignoring every prayer and plea for answers. Selene's blue eyes were clouded with fear and exhaustion, her heartbeat irregular and weak. A fever seared through her despite the efforts the Sun was going through to keep her warm. Depression and anger burned brightly inside the Sun but he tried to remain hopeful and optimistic for her sake. One day, she turned to him with a weak smile and said that no matter what, they'd be together in the sky. All souls eventually join the winds.

The Sun got an idea. A perfectly perfect plan were they could be just that. He carried Selene's feeble body up to his throne and breathed the four winds of Earth into her, kissing her delicately for only his touch would create an immortal. As she rested, he crafted a slightly smaller yet just as radiant throne in the silver from her soul, setting it in the sky for her. When Selene awoke, she watched in horror with new eyes as the Sun sank below the horizon, unaware this was also part of his plan. He would die softly each night so she could shine on her own, skin then the whitest white like fallen snow and hair like silk. Selene took on a new name then, becoming known as the Moon. She sat in the blue violet that first, terrifying night on Earth, weeping diamonds that settled around her, forming new stars and adding to the constellations. She started to fall in despair, the mere though of being without the Sun unbearable. Sensing this, the Sun rose in the East, calling out to her and stretching golden rays to wipe away her sorrow. This was the beginning of the endless cycle of day and night.

The creatures on Earth fell in love with the new jewel in the sky, praising her and singing out their appreciation for lighting the otherwise pitch black night. The Moon was often seen as the softer side to the harsh glare and ruling of the Sun, her calming silver reflected in the moon pools always seeming to urge the Sun to look at things from a different perspective. Using the same weaving melody, she called the seas to her during the night and sang sweetly to lost night travelers. Sometimes the Sun and Moon shared the sky during sunrises and sunsets, each dimmed to be equal. If you peer closely during those times, right there on the horizon, you can see the outline of a willowy woman with flowing hair bound by a band of light hand in hand with a muscular man with eyes like molten gold. To some cultures, the Sun and Moon mean different things. To others, they represent undying love and sacrifice.


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