Warriors - Never The Same - CloudClan

So this is part of my fan-fiction I'm writing for Warrior Cats. I'll keep adding more as I write more, but so far this is what I've got.

Chapter 1


You could hardly see anything apart from sleek black shadows as the group of cats slipped through the darkness. Their tails streamed out behind them, and if you looked close enough, you could see that they were arranged in a very organised fashion.
There was one at the front, and three in a line behind it. Then after that, there were seven in a line behind the three, and decreasing in two as the triangle ended in a point of one cat. So twenty in total.
If you looked even closer, you could see occasional flashes of reflected light coming from anywhere in the group of cats, maybe emitted from the stars or the moon, or the dirty grey houses that surrounded the creatures, the rare ones that had their lights turned on at this time of night.
Where the cats were going was unknown to all but one. The leader of the group had arranged a sudden evacuation of their camp, refusing to tell anyone where they were going.
It seemed an age before the collection finally rested. The majority of them fell asleep almost instantly after eating from the fresh-kill pile that they had collected along the way. But as the leader was about to settle down, he was disturbed by a nudge from one of the others.
"Excuse me. I'm terribly sorry, but there is something you have to see." The cat that spoke was a brown she-cat with a bent ear, but brightly shining chocolate eyes. Her eyes were the only thing you could really see of her due to her dark fur.
The leader looked up. "Okay, Raafisof. But it better be good."
Without hesitating, Raafisof moved away and led the snow-white leader out of the abandoned junkyard the group were resting in.
Once they got out of the junkyard, Raafisof abruptly stopped.
"Look up."
The leader narrowed his cynical icy eyes, and did as he was told, for the only cat apart from himself who could boss him around was the healer.
"What do you see, Somakar?" The healer, Raafisof, implied.
Somakar sighed. "Stars?"
"Look a little bit closer. What is it about the stars?"
Somakar could fully well see what was different. But he was very headstrong, a good leader nonetheless, but quite proud. He didn't like other cats telling him what to do, and the advantage of having a Clan so obscure, so unknown, was that there were no other cats apart from his.
"The stars. They're in a sun shape. That's all."
"Ah, but what could it mean?" Raafisof tilted her head, her chocolate orbs burning into her leader, knowing he could find where the sign came from, if only he could rid of his arrogance.
"StarClan is so vague, it's hard to tell."
"Close." A smile broke over Raafisof's maw. "Now, go rest. You need a lot of energy for the rest of tomorrow's journey."
Somakar took one last look at the strange pattern in Silverpelt, then turned round and trotted back into the junkyard without a word.
Raafisof watched the fluffy white tom until he disappeared out of her sight, her admiration for him showing in her rich eyes. She was just about to get some sleep herself, when the changing of the pattern in the sky caught her eye. She looked up to see the middle circle of the sun pattern was still there, the wavering rays gone, but in its centre, it held a simple lightning bolt with a cloud above it. A dark, seemingly endless, black cloud.

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