I'm Done

A poem/rap

by Tony Q.

Chapter 1

I'm Done

Wisdom comes with age,
That's what they say.
But, Hey babe,
I guess what they say,
Just ain't what it is.

And I know I'm young,
But I'm not dumb.
I can read your lips,
I can hold a gun.

I know I've still got,
A lot to learn.
I'll trot down my notes,
I'll read what others wrote.
I'm not a fool.
I understand.
I might be young,
But I give a damn.

Trust not what I say,
But what I do.
Then maybe it'll give you a clue.
I'm smarter than I act.
And I'll tell you for a fact,
That I'm quick to react.

Today is just a tally.
Tomorrow's another rally.
Quit with the dilly-dally.
Your waiting time. Money.

Growin' up' that's all I heard.
I won't say a word.
Just do as I'm told.
Quick and quite.
Won't even see me.
Not in a line of sight.
Can't beat me.

And try as might,
I'll lose the fight.
I'm tired of tryin'.
Of fightin' and hidin'.
Just give me a way out.
This route, I'll rerout.
A chance is all I'm asking.
And doubt, I will not bask in.

Head forward.
Don't look back.
I'm switchin' it up.
A bowl, I'll pack.
Tougher than a nail.
Harder than Steele.
Holdin' onto the rail.
I'm ready to kill.

Faster than your eyes can see.
You can even catch me.
Gone before you know I'm there,
A sight of me is rare,
But I can't care.

Not anymore.
Not like before.
That time is done.
It's over.
Some times I just wanna roll over.
But I can't.
Know I shan't.

It's just, this world is too cruel.
Evil and vile.
Sick of all the anger,
Pain and suffering.
Show me there's more.
More to this life.
More than just strife.
I want someone to care and,
Bare in mind that,

Maybe I'm young,
But the things I've seen,
You can't imagine.
The secrets are caged in.
My life's a riddle,
A paradox.
Harder than a rubix cube,
And Pandora's box.
It's madness
That's what they say.
But the sadness,
Never goes away.
And maybe I'm insane,
Always losing with no gain.
I've suffered my share of pain.

So don't criticize me,
Vilify me,
Cause you don't know me.
I'm not a child.
I see through your lies.
Yet I'm the one victimized.
Don't play me.
Act like you know me.
My minds a catacomb,
Endless and numb.
So don't treat me like a fool,
Because I'm done.


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