Chapter 1

by: Velka
Handing Mathias that damp, weathered note was what had sealed my fate. Our fate. The fate of an entire race. Possibly the fate of our world, the very world we walk on. The fate of our children, the fate of our parents, our guardians. The fate of our closest friends, and the fate of our soul mates. The fate of all the creatures that once called this place home. And now, it is nothing but a shell of its former, glorified self.

When we were brought into this world, tears streamed down our faces as we gasped for air. Our hands clutched the emptiness before us, desperate to find some sort of hold. Where am I, we asked ourselves, before even our mothers knew we were capable of thinking words and forming thoughts, yet not having the ability to voice them.

And eventually, we began feeling the world around us, understanding it, embracing it. Yes, we were still afraid, but we could finally hold our ground. We were finally able to voice our thoughts, and yet the words sounded as if they were spoken in a foreign language. Our voices did not sound familiar, not in the way that they had in our mind. Everything was alien, yet we understood it, and grew with it.

Years passed, and we were able to speak, form words, with ease. Our voices were now a part of us, something that comforted us when danger was near. We were capable of exploring the world around us of our own accord, but... did we really want to see what awaited us? We longed to appear strong and courageous, but it was difficult to stand our ground with complete and utter comfort. We learned that the world we lived in, the very planet we stood on, was not perfect. In fact, it was far from perfect. It was like a massive, incomprehensible bomb, and each second that passed was a second that led us closer to our imminent demise, to the world finally caving, and... exploding.

And yet, we did nothing to stop it. We continued on with our lives as if nothing was wrong. Ruining the world that turned and revolved for us. It was the reason we were alive, and we were destroying that reason without a second thought. How selfish of us, to simply take for granted the one thing that altruistically kept us talking, kept us avid, kept our hearts beating, kept us breathing. We did not consider the consequences; we did not even think of them.

And now here I am. I sit in my room, curtains shut tightly, door locked firmly, my head resting comfortably upon my desk. The only source of light is coming from the moon's rays that still manage to spill in through the filthy shades that cover my window. Not that I am surprised; our earth moves ever closer to the iridescence of the moon each day. Every second that passes leads us closer to our collision with the planet that we once thought was beautiful and pure.

It is pitch black outside; I cannot even see the stars anymore. Perhaps it is because they have already left us. Quite peculiar that it would happen so soon, so suddenly, but we do not deserve them. Not after what we have done to ourselves.


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