The Roadhouse Rebuilt (A Dean Winchester Love Story)

The Roadhouse Rebuilt (A Dean Winchester Love Story)

Name: Alessa 'Marilyn' Monroe
Characteristics: 27, 5'11", Blonde hair, Gray eyes
Background: Family was killed by ghouls when she was 13. Was a good friend of Ellen and Jo Harvelle, and the ruined roadhouse and the land it was on reverted to her when they died. She has since rebuilt the roadhouse and stopped hunting supernatural creatures. Rosina Alunni is her best friend and roommate from when she was in the Marines, and is also employed as her bartender.

Chapter 1


"Alunni, another beer." My black-haired, tan-skinned, no-nonsense woman of a bartender cracked a beer open and handed it to me, and I went back to the game of pool I was immersed in. It was against one of my many male patrons, who'd bet me $200 against a kiss that he'd win.

I won of course, and smiled as he handed me his $200. "I told you, don't get so cocky next time."

"Jeez, don't act like you own the place..." I smirked as he walked away.

That was one of my gimmicks; nobody here knew I was actually the owner of the roadhouse except Alunni, whose first name was Rosina. Calling her by her last name was just a carryover from my time as a Marine, which I'd been before I left to rebuild the roadhouse.

I thought back to when I knew Ellen and Jo, and instantly missed them. I wished they could be around to see how I'd rebuilt their home and business, and how much the hunters who came here enjoyed it. I also thought about how I kept my real identity hidden from them all, and how much it could've helped Ellen and Jo while they were alive.

I laid my pool cue down and sat at the bar, and Alunni remarked "You look pretty down, Marilyn." I smirked; Marilyn was her nickname for me, since my last name was Monroe, and all the hunters here had taken to calling me that.

"Yeah...I was just thinking about how Ellen and Jo would've liked the way I revamped this old place." I rebuilt it bigger and a bit nicer after I inherited the burnt-out remains of the old roadhouse, but still kept it just the right amount of dingy for all the returning hunters. "I know the hunters definitely like it."

"'Course they do. They also like me and you pretty well too." I chuckled; there was no denying that. We got hit on pretty often. "I wonder how much they'd chase you if they knew who you really were."

"They'd probably be intimidated. An ex-Marine hunter with more kills under her belt than most of these men..? They'd be running for the hills."

"Well, that's their problem."

Alunni switched out my near-empty beer for another fresh one, and I knew this was going to be a long evening. Two beers in 10 minutes almost always led to the heavy stuff,and a morning of regretting it afterwards. I was welcoming it right now though, if only it meant getting the bitter thoughts of Ellen and Jo out of my head.


When it came time to clean up the messes of the night, I was almost too gone to get the job done. Almost.

I scrubbed the bar down as Alunni swept, probably finding some dropped money or jewelry as we almost always did. There was some spilled beer that had dried into a hard, sticky mess, and by the time I was done I was out of breath.

I sat on one of the barstools and laid my head on my arms, wishing I could fall asleep right then and there. Alunni came over and I muttered "Do you ever get tired of working for me?"

"Not really. It's a fun job, and bunking with my battle buddy has always been great." I laughed.

"I'm not that fun...I'm drunk half the time and beating on grabby patrons the other half...Oh, or I'm having horrific nightmares, I forgot about that one."

I had a flashback of one of those horrific nightmares right then, and shuddered violently.

"Well, it's not like you don't have reason...All those things you saw and did...I'd be having nightmares too." Alunni might've been my best friend and fellow Marine, but she wasn't a hunter by nature. She hadn't decapitated the ghouls that'd killed her parents, or the hundreds of other creatures I'd hunted over the years, even while I was enlisted.

"Yeah, well, I'd be happier if I didn't have nightmares. A lot happier." I sighed and stood up. "I'm sorry I'm being such a bummer again...I'll help you finish cleaning."

"Don't worry about it...You go sit down before you fall over, I'll do this."

I made my way outside and sat on the bench I'd put out there, and took several deep breaths. The night sky was bright in this part of Wisconsin, and you could actually see the stars, not like in the city. In the city, you couldn't see any stars. It was all just darkness.

"Oh God, what am I doing?" Thinking about stars and the sky and the city? I jumped up and kicked at the dirt parking lot, kicking up a giant cloud of dust. I looked back up at the sky and bellowed "Why the hêll did I have to survive this long?! Why couldn't you just let me die along with all those people and things I killed !?"

There was nothing but silence, interrupted by the chirping of a few insects nearby, and I groaned deeply. "I'm such an idiot..."

I was about to head back inside when Alunni came out and announced "There's someone on the phone looking for you."

"Looking for Marilyn, or looking for Alessa Monroe?"

"Looking for, and I quote, 'whoever rebuilt Harvelle's instead of leaving it a burned-out piece of shît like it should've been.'" I raised an eyebrow. "He says he's a hunter who knew Ellen and Jo."

"Big deal, so did all the hunters that come here. Give him the usual runaround."

Alunni had a hurried conversation with whoever was on the phone and nearly threw the phone on the ground. "He says he's coming here."

"Okay? It's not like we can't send him away once he gets here. Get my Black Shadow." Alunni hurried inside and came back out a minute later holding my matte-finish Winchester Black Shadow shotgun. "There you are baby..."

"Sure you're good to handle that in your condition?"

When I gave her a death glare, she silenced. "Loaded?" She nodded. "Get inside." Alunni went back inside, undoubtedly grabbing one of her own weapons in case she would need it. I doubted I even needed mine, but it felt right to hold it in my hands with an unknown hunter approaching.


It was nearly four in the morning before I heard the rumble of a car engine and saw the glare of headlights approaching. I checked to make sure there was a cartridge in the barrel as I stood and watched an old black Impala pull into the dirt lot just in front of where I was standing.

A tall light-brown haired man stepped out of the driver's side, and an even taller one with dark-brown hair came out of the passenger's side. They stared at me with my shotgun and I couldn't help grinning the smallest bit.

"You the one that insulted Alunni on the phone?"

The shorter of the two scoffed and asked "The bartender's name is Alunni?"

"If you ever served, you'd understand. Now what the hêll are you two doing here?"

"Looking for whoever restored this...dump to its former glory. Last we saw of this place, it was a pile of ash and dead bodies."

"Tell me what business you two have here, and maybe I'll tell you why I fixed it up."

The two men looked at each other and the taller of the two started. "We knew Ellen and Jo, and...we were there when they died." I lowered my weapon. "We were working a case nearby and heard this place was up and running again, and thought we'd check it out. That's all."

I looked them both up and down again. "Names?"

"I'm Sam, and this is Dean." I knew immediately who they were when he said their names. I also knew it was a very bad thing to have them around.

"I know who you are Sam, Your brother too. Inside, now."

I turned and entered the bar, and when the brothers followed me inside, Alunni raised her Colt Marine Pistol, but I motioned for her to put it away. I, however, kept my Black Shadow in my lap as I sat at the bar.

The two men also sat at the bar and I said "Now, you two give me a reason why I shouldn't shoot you with your namesake shotgun right here."

They both stared openly at me. I raised it and Dean held up his hands saying "Now wait a minute. We came in without weapons and you're gonna just threaten us?"

"I know you have twin Colt pistols strapped to your waist right now. Mind putting them on the bar?" Dean sighed and pulled out his shiny pistols and laid them out for me to see. "Without weapons, huh? Now, on with the explanation."

Sam stepped in in place of Dean. "We were attacked by hêllhounds when we were trying to kill Lucifer, and one hurt Jo real bad, so she volunteered to stay behind while we went on ahead. Ellen stayed with her and they blew up the hêllhounds, and that's the only way we escaped..."

"But you failed to kill Lucifer, and he went on with all his Apocalypse business. I know how the rest of that story goes." I had a few scars to go along with the rest of that story, too. "Here's my story: My folks were killed when I was 13 by a couple of ghouls. After I chopped their heads, I stayed with Ellen and Jo until I went off to the Marines at 17. From the time my parents died until I started to rebuild this place, I hunted more things than you can imagine."

Dean butted back in the conversation with "Then where were you when Ellen and Jo got blown to bits?"

I glared at him as I said "I was in Afghanistan in the middle of a firefight with Taliban loyalists, shooting them in the face a couple dozen times. I didn't hear about Ellen and Jo until a month after it happened, when the deed got sent out to my camp along with a copy of Ellen's will saying everything belonged to me. Forgive for not being here, Dean." He backed up, looking honestly surprised.

Sam looked confused and asked "I thought women weren't supposed to be in combat?"

"There was a car bomb that just missed our Humvee, and it turned into a firefight...A lot of people got hurt, okay?" I could vividly remember blood spattering everywhere, and shuddered. Alunni knew what that meant, and grabbed me another beer despite my near-drunken state.

"Sorry...You know, our dad was a Marine too."

"Yippee...I imagine 8 years in the service didn't do him much good either." I took a swig of beer. "In case you're wondering, my name's Alessa Monroe, but everyone calls me Marilyn. I am the proud unknown owner of this place."

"Unknown owner? What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means none of my patrons know who I am. They know Alessa Monroe is a hunter that owns this roadhouse, and then they know Marilyn; the tall, stylish, 20-something that drinks and plays pool here every night. I don't let anyone know who I am in case they might be here for...another purpose."

"Makes sense...Helps to hide from demons and monsters too. Do you still hunt?"

"Not particularly, no. I devote all my time to running this place and drinking the booze in it. A pretty peaceful existence, if I do say so myself...The hunters do get rowdy sometimes though."

"So if you don't hunt, why all the weapons?"

"Because I'm not an idiot, and I know something might come looking for me. I've angered more than a few demons in my time, though 99% of them don't live to seek revenge." I handed my empty beer off to Alunni and stood. "Now, you two take the extra room to bunk in tonight, and we'll continue this when I'm sober in the morning."

"We'll get a hotel, thanks." I faced Dean with my Black Shadow still in hand. "Or we'll take that back room. You're really forceful, have you noticed that?"

"Maybe when you've killed as many things as I have, you'll know that force is the best weapon against your enemies." Dean almost looked offended as he took his guns and followed his brother to the back room I'd pointed out, with two cots and a private bathroom inside.

When the door shut I lowered my weapon again, and made my way to my own room. In my room, the most spacious of the three, I put my gun carefully away with the others and plopped down on my soft bed.

I could hear Dean and Sam muttering about me in the other room and pulled one of my pillows over my head to drown out their noise.

This had been a horrible evening, just as I predicted it would be. I hated being right.

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