Just a Clumsy Little Girl (a Beatles story)

Lorelei Kraus finds old record player up in her grandmother's attic while helping her move out of her house. Her grandmother warns her not to play any records on it but she does when her grandmother's not looking. A Beatles record is on it and she travels back in time to the era of the Beatles in a New York pawn shop...

Chapter 1

Curiosity Killed the Cat

"Be gentle with that box! It has valuables in it!" Gran snapped and I rolled my eyes and carried the box out the doors carefully to the mover truck. "Gran, you know I'm very carefu-" The box slipped out of my hands and almost hit the ground, but I caught it before it did. "Mhm, same old Lori. Clumsy as a newborn horse." She laughed and set a tiny box in the truck. "I'm not that clumsy." I store the box of unknown valuables in the truck and start walking back in to go fetch some more. Not before tripping and falling flat on my face in the house. "You are that clumsy, hun." She laughed again and I frowned while getting back to my feet. With a sigh I start to trudge up the stairs to fetch more boxes. Gran was moving into a new house with just one floor, finally, and I was the only trustworthy person nearby who could help.

After a couple more trips to and from the truck and attic, and other various rooms, Gran looked out the window and squinted her old, bright eyes. "After you're done with that box, we'll rest for today and eat some dinner." I sighed in relief, and hurried to get the box put away. When I was running back inside after closing the truck, I hit my foot on the step of the porch and cursed. "Watch that mouth of yours, missy!" Gran scolded from the kitchen and I rolled my eyes as I closed the door. "What's for dinner tonight, Gran?" "Your favorite." There's this dish that she makes and I don't know what it's called, I think it's a German dish. "Want me to help?" I offered. "You know best as I do that that is not a great idea. Why don't you turn on the television or something?" I sighed, very disappointed, and went to the living room.

I felt like a nuisance whenever I'm around people. Whenever, and if, I went out with friends, I'd always come home with some sort of stain or injury. Like the one time in my junior year of high school we went ice skating and I broke not one, but two bones. That's right, my right ankle and arm. Luckily I'm left handed, so it wasn't too bad. And then I made a big mess at the homecoming of my sophomore year. That's a story for another time though. The moral of the story is that I'm a clumsy person who cannot be trusted with anything. Say something's indestructible? I'll find a way to break it. Want me to dance? Be prepared to catch me when I fall.

"Dinner's ready, Lori." She peeked her head in and I slowly got up. "Aww, don't be so sad. You know I just want you to not cut your hand off on accident." She kissed my cheek and I half-smiled. "Come on now, weve got to get up early tomorrow." I walked with Gran to the kitchen and dug into my dinner.

When we were done, I grabbed my coat and keys to head out. "Wait, Lori!" Gran called from her room and I walked to her. "Why don't you spend the night here? It's quite dark outside. Just like when you were a little girl." I smiled and nodded. "I could make us some hot cocoa and we could watch a movie." As soon as she said that, I was actually quite happy and forgot about my clumsiness. I threw my stuff on the back of a chair in the dining room and slipped my shoes off. Gran's hot chocolate is the best, and she had a whole bunch of cheesy old movies that were still pretty fun to watch. "Do you want me to grab some movies from upstairs?" I asked once she was out in the living room. She nodded and I made for the stairs and stopped when she said, "Whatever you do, don't touch the record player!" I raised a brow confused and ran up the squeaky stairs.

As I was searching for the shelf with all the movies, I heard something move and looked to see where the sound came from. I looked down and saw a piece of metal shining by my foot. I tilted my head curiously and kneeled down to look at it. Underneath a piece of a sheet was a handsome sleek record player that looked brand new and unused. I reached out to touch it and as soon as my finger barely touched it, Gran called from downstairs, "What's taking you so long? I'm ready to sleep!" I quickly grabbed a stack of movies that we used to watch all the time and ran downstairs, slightly hesitating and looking back at the record player before thumping down to the living room.

The next morning, I woke up early and took a shower before going to wake up Gran. But my curiosity was killing me, so before I woke up Gran, I tiptoed up the squeaky attic stairs, making sure I skipped all the loud ones, and snuck into the old dusty room. I made my way to the record player and admired it. I had never seen this o e before, and had a toothy grin across my face. I set it upright and looked it over. Despite all the dirt and dust up here, it was quite clean, and looked like Gran bought it five minutes ago. I'm an enthusiast with vintage items like this, so I knew quite a bit about it. Looking behind my shoulder just to make sure , I turned it on, seeing that it already had a record in it. As soon as the song started to play, I recognized it as a Beatles song, though I didn't know the words. Not even two seconds after I started playing it, my eyes started to feel heavy with drowsiness. I blinked once and then fell over, falling into a deep slumber...

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