This is a random story. :)

Chapter 1

The Dream

by: FanPerson
I was looking into the eyes of the person I loved. His eyes was a light brown, his teeth was perfecly white, his face was perfect. His skin was as dark as a coffe bean , but his skin was paler than mine. I couldnt say he felt the same way. He always had some girl under his arm every two weeks. The longest was three weeks and a half. I was pretty enough to be with someone like him. Skinny, tall had thick curly hair, i was a pretty enough for sure. He was skinny had a unusal deep voice, his curly hair was cut short. I didnt want to be the next girl just to be dumped the next week, not agian. Jhonni was no jerk, but very nice. But i knew i was next on his list of girls, but this time my whole life would be changed.

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