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Chapter 1


What do you think would happen if kids stopped playing sports? Do you think they would be healthier? Do you think they would be happier? I don’t. Because playing sports helps kids do better in school, helps them set goals, and helps them build character. All of these reasons are why sports should continue to be funded.
One of the most important reasons why sports should continue to be funded is because students who participate in sports have a greater chance of going to college. According to a multiyear Michigan study in Are High School Sports Good For Kids?, “Children who participate in sports have increased educational aspirations,”(Gould) In fact, in The Blind Side, Michael Oher’s story was being told, and believe it or not, sports are what got him in to college. Without high school football, he never would have had the motivation to bring his grades up, and without bringing his grades up, he never would’ve gotten into college.
My second reason for why school sports should continue to be funded is that winning helps kids set goals. According to leading youth development experts, “winning helps kids set goals, and work towards them”. Now, you may be thinking that all sports do are help your child break bones. While it is very true that children get hurt while playing sports, it is also true that kids can get hurt playing in a park. Or during school in gym. Or even just walking across the street. That doesn’t mean that you will deprive your child of those things though, does it?
Now if my first two reasons haven’t persuaded you already, then I have one final reason. According to a recent Institute for the study of Youth Sports investigation, high school sports help build character. Now, not only do colleges look for good grades, they look for extracurricular activities, and character. These sports sound like a pretty good deal to me.
I hope with all of my reasons I have been able to convince you that funding for school sports should be continued. There are obviously very few valid reasons for why funding should not be continued, so I hope you make the right choice for your children, the future of America.


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