Dear Humanity, I Weep For You.

Just another trademark Jory rant. If this makes you mad, then obviously you know I'm talking about you. And if not, then hi! Welcome to the intelligent section of society.

Chapter 1


Brace yourselves people, Jory is about to type-vomit another contempt filled rant. Yeah, well, if people would stop being such ignorant little whores, I wouldn't have to.

(Holy Jesus poop, the song Whore To A Chainsaw came on as I started writing this. Must be a sign).

Okay, so I'm honestly getting so sick of seeing dumb, little girls acting like they're hot shit on here. And not just that, but how can some of these girl's be so fucking dumb. It makes me want to bang my head repeatedly against a brick wall so I can reduce my IQ so their drivel no longer makes my soul bleed. I can't even express my hatred for these girls. C'mon, we all know the ones I'm talking about.

The silly, airhead whores who flaunt their sexuality or so called "problems" to gain attention from others.

For example, "Omg im totes gud at lyk havin s3xx n shiiitt hehehe ex oh!!11!!1!"
Or, "Ugh, -insert something here that makes me seem deep, when in fact I'm twelve and I don't even know the definition of hardship-"

It honestly hurts me to see that these people exist. They all need a reality check, asap.

So, to all the girls who have ever said they read to sound intelligent but it's obvious they don't know the meaning of true literature (eg, "I read books, I'm sah smart...but actually it's just Twilight and 1D fanfic OM6!") or who talk openly about how good they are in bed, or who constantly change their user name to pathetic, depressing things (eg, Wotis_lyf, HowDoI_go0n or Imtryn2hold_on), or post tumblr pictures attempting to seem deep and thoughtful, or who write their 'about me's' about how hard their life is and how they just want to be dead, or who rite lyk dis x0x0x0x, or who claim to be "models" (who's your agency? Instagram?), or who ruin the good name of fan-fiction by writing about One Direction meets Twilight, or who constantly send invites to retarded, attention seeking, pity-party stories...

Please, shut your stupid mouths. Society has enough trash to deal with without adding all you wannabe, try hard, losers to the goddamn pile. I'm sick of hearing it. Take your idiotic bullshit elsewhere. None of the decent people who use this website to post their legitimate writing need to hear your crap. You're killing innocent brain cells with every dull word you write. So just...stop.

Thank you for your time c:


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