Everything But Loves a Joke to Him(A Fred and George Weasley love story)

A story by myself, and Crazyshhhh. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


My Character:
Name: Lucy Elizabeth Corner
Nicknames: Just Lucy.
Age: 16, in Fred and George's year.
Personality: Shy, quiet, intelligent, not very confident, helpful.
Appearance: Average height, pale, blue eyes, black hair, not too long, slim.
House: Gryffindor, almost Ravenclaw and no one knows why she's a Gryffindor.
Blood Status: Half.
Family: Parents(Father is a Muggle), an older sister Melanie, a Ravenclaw in her seventh year, and a younger brother, Michael, he's in Harry's year.
Wand: Phoenix Feather, Maple, 9 and three quarter inches.

Crazyshhhh's Character:
Name: Jennifer Chayna Smith
Nicknames: CHERRY! And Jenni
Age: 16, in Fred and George's year.
Personality: Prankster, crazy, random, obsessive about cherries, finds anything addictive, insecure, hyper
Appearance: Athletic build, long wavy hair (dark brown with a red tint) big eyes(very dark brown with a slight red tint), short.
House: Gryffindor.
Blood status: Muggle.
Family: No siblings parents are muggles who hate Magic
Wand: Thestral tail, Oak, 9 and three quarter inches

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