Brought to Life

A group of 9 friends find a device that can transport them into any book, movie, or show ever made. But something goes wrong. They can't control it and they don't know how to get back home. They're only in the worlds for however long the time on the device says but it's always random. It could be 30 seconds or 30 days. And some of the worlds aren't very safe. Will they ever get home? Will they even make it out alive?

Chapter 1

Wyatt Declan Scott- If we’d only known…

by: Salocin
We found it in an old abandoned hou… Never mind. It’s not important how we found it, the point we have it, and we used it. Not the smartest thing any of us has done and we can do some pretty stupid things when we put your heads together. But this? This is the most stupid, the most idiotic, the most reckless, most dangerous thing we have ever done. Cause now we are trapped, completely at the mercy of the device we found. But maybe to fully understand, I should start at the beginning, they always say that that’s the best place to start.

“Kliff! I’m gonna kill your brother.” Matt called holding Ty still as he yanked his notebook from out of his hands when he’d tried to steal it.

“Go ahead; only reason he’s here is cause Mom made me bring him.” Kliff said leading back in the old recliner we’d found in one of the rooms on first floor.

“So what do you think it does?” Megan asked, her blue eyes were widened in awe at the device sitting on the small fold up table near the middle of the floor.

We were in an abandoned three story apartment building, we used for a hideout on the second floor. It’d been boarded up, the only way to get in was a hole leading to the basement. That had been boarded up too but we’d pried it loose, replacing them with a square of heavy plywood that we’d put a padlock on ensuring that no one else would enter. Matt had been having trouble getting in lately, his shoulders kept hitting the sides. I could still see him rubbing the spot on his arm where it tore a piece of his shirt, there was a good sized scrape but thankfully no blood; we knew that in a few months he wouldn’t be able get in at all.

The building was made of solid concrete; there was no way to make the hole bigger, we didn’t even know how it was made in the first place. He tried not to show it but we knew it bothered him; he didn’t want us to have to give up our building just because he was too big. We all told him that we would’ve had to find a new place anyway when the rest of us didn’t fit either. I knew I only had a year or two if I was lucky, so why not now; that helped and he stopped arguing about it, allowing us to start looking. That’s why we’d been looking at other places, trying to find somewhere we could go that we could all get in to safely. Until then we continued to come here, it was familiar and it was almost like a second home.

We had free reign of the whole building but we liked this one the best. We each had our own apartments here for when we spent the night, they were all right next to each other cause no one wanted to admit it, but it was kinda creepy here after dark. That didn’t stop us from coming here of course, it just meant that we tended not to wander off on our own. Tonight was one of those nights. We had each told our parents that we were going over someone else’s house.

They wouldn’t check; they never did.

I was brought out of my thoughts by shouts across the room from where I was sprawled out on one of the couches. Looking over I saw that Emen now had the device and was trying to keep it away from Nate who kept saying that she was in charge so therefore should be the one to handle it.

I rolled my eyes. I love Natalie to death, I really do; she was like a big sister to me and she was one of my oldest friends, but sometimes she just drove me crazy. She didn’t seem to get that we didn’t have a leader and her being the oldest at 17 and three months ahead of Amber didn’t mean she was in charge. We were free to do practically whatever we wanted. We had some rules of course, but those everyone decided on and they were mainly common sense stuff anyway so they really didn’t even count as rules.

“No the person that found it is the one that gets to decide what we do with it.” Emen said as she ran around the bean bag Jennifer was in.

Amber held out her hand as Nate was closing in on Emen then she took off with it in the opposite direction.

“Argh. Fine!” Nate stopped chasing them. “Who was it that found it?” She put her hands on her hips waiting for an answer.

She didn’t have to wait long, all eyes slowly drifted to me.

“Wyatt! Oh that’s just great, we might as well hand it over to Ty!” She exclaimed throwing up her hands.

“Okay!” Ty called popping up from behind his brother’s chair where he’d been about to try and scare him.

“I don’t think so runt.” Jennifer said. “Nothing would be worse than handing it to you.”

“So… What are you gonna do with it? Megan asked.

“Yeah!” Amber asked hopping on her heels a little before coming over and handing it to me.

“Um…I don’t know.” I said taking it but not liking being put on the spot with everyone staring at me. “I haven’t even really looked at it yet.”

“Why don’t you girls leave him alone, it’s his. He can do what he wants with it.” Kliff said as he straightened himself from where he’d been hanging upside down in the chair.

Matt nodded his agreement and Ty seeing that it was a kind of boys vs. girls thing at the moment sided with us.

“Whatever.” Nate said sitting down and pulling out one of the magazines from the pile we kept here.

Everyone went back to doing their own thing and I was left alone to try and figure out what this thing was. I studied it, looking at it from every angle. It wasn’t anything I’d ever seen before. It kinda reminded me of a T.V. remote but none of the buttons made sense. Plus there was this weird display, like you’d see on a clock or something but there were no numbers yet, just places for them to go with red glowing dashes to separate them.

I felt part of the couch dip down, looking over I saw Matt sitting there. I handed it to him, seeing if he could figure it out. After about twenty minutes he gave it back shaking his head. I sighed, I wanted to know what it was already but there seemed to only be one way to do it. I looked over at Matt, he shrugged. Taking a deep breath I pointed it away from everyone and pushed the button that looked like it started it.

A light blue kind of see through vortex type thing opened up ten feet in front of me.

“What is that?” Jennifer asked as everybody gathered around to get a better look.

“I don’t know! I just pressed a button!” I yelled trying to be heard over the noise of the thing, it was like being in a wind tunnel. Some papers and magazines flew in it and disappeared. Matt quickly snatched up his notebook as it started to move towards it.

Suddenly images started appearing.

“Wait! Isn’t that-?” Megan asked before Emen interrupted her.

“Yeah, yeah it is.”

We all stared at it, it was one of our favorite shows; we’d know it anywhere. It changed again, it was A Christmas Carol! One of my favorite books, I knew it was from the book because I’d seen every movie ever made for it and this wasn’t any of them.

I pushed the button again; it shut off. The room was doused in silence; it fell on us like a thick blanket as the shadows crept back in from the fading sun.

“Do it again!” Ty shouted bouncing up and down.

“No!” I yelled even though I actually really wanted to. But first I needed to know what everyone else thought.

“You guys know what this means right?” I asked looking from the device in my hand to the others.

“No…That’s kinda one of the things freaking us out right now.” Emen said.

“Well the things we saw, they were all things that shouldn’t be real, that couldn’t be real. But we recognized them, they were familiar, things we’ve seen or read. But not all of them were doing things we remember. Trust me on this nothing, no book, movie, or miniseries has ever actually shown the little Cratchits taking Tiny Tim in the back to look at the food and wash up. But that’s what it showed in there. Don’t you get it? Do you realize what this is?” I was starting to get really excited just thinking of the possibilities.

“Hey earth to Wyatt, come in Wyatt. The rest of us still have no idea what you’re talking about.” Nate said getting annoyed.

“No, I think I know where he’s going with that, it just doesn’t seem possible.” Kliff said.

Megan nodded. “Something like that can’t really happen, can it?”

“Hey, mind cluing the rest of us in on your little Sci-fi trip?” Jennifer asked.

“It’s another universe! Or actually it’s a bunch of other universes. I think this thing,” I said holding it up, “created some kind of portal or wormhole type thing to get to them. Which means if we go through we could go to all of our favorite things. Imagine that. Imagine meeting your favorite character, not the actor that plays them, but the real deal!”

Everyone started talking all at once.


“Start it up.”


“Let’s go now.”

“What are we waiting for?”


“Well first we need to get supplies, like extra clothes, food, money, that sort of stuff.” I said backing away a little in case they tried to snatch it from my hands.

Half an hour later everyone had everything they wanted to bring with them.

“Are we sure we want to do this?” I asked one more time.

“Yes! Now push the button already.” Ty said from next to his brother. We weren’t going to let him come but he threaten to go to our parents the second we left if we didn’t take him.

“Okay, okay. Just wanted to be sure.” I said as I set the time for 12 hours and pushed the button again.

The vortex opened up. We took one last look around and jumped through.

Again it was like being in a wind tunnel; only this time the wind was carrying us, pulling us to an unknown destination. The walls of the vortex thing were a kind of blue and it was winding every which way. It felt like a free fall roller coaster. Suddenly we could see the opening and we shot through it, landing on some grass. We untangled ourselves from each other and stood up, brushing off our clothes of all the dirt and grass.

It was dark. The street looked familiar, it was a nice looking neighborhood and most of the houses were white. There were some Halloween decorations up, which was kind of cool cause it was only summer in our world, and we could hear kids laughing a couple streets over.

“Where are we?” Amber asked looking up and down the street.

“I’ve seen this place before.” Nate said. “I know I know that house over there.” She pointed across the street from us a couple houses down.

We all turned to look at it. I knew I’d seen it somewhere too. I started looking over my shoulder, it felt like someone was watching us, whatever this was from wasn’t good. It felt like we were in a horror movie. With that thought I looked back at the house; it hit me.

“Oh shiit.” I said at the same time as a couple of the others.

“What? Where are we?” Jennifer said still looking around.

“Halloween.” Emen said.

“Yeah, I can see it’s Halloween but where are we?”

“No, the movie Halloween, with Michael Myers.” Matt said.

Kliff put his arm around Ty, who’s face had gone white. We all knew he’d stunk into Kliff’s room and watched it last year. He’d had nightmares for weeks afterwards.

“Let’s get out of here.” Megan said never taking her eye off the house.

I looked at the device. I didn’t know what to do; we were here for 12 hours and I didn’t know what would happen if I activated it before the timer ran out.

“Wyatt! He’s coming!” Megan yelled grabbing onto my arm.

“But the time-“

“Screw the time! Just do it!” Emen shouted.

He was a heading right toward us. I could see the flash of the knife as I activated the vortex again. We jumped in just as he reached our side of the street. The ride was a lot rougher this time around and there were flashes that looked like lightning. When we came flying out of it I sighed in relief, maybe we shouldn’t play around with this thing. We’d only been thinking about all the worlds we would love to visit, we never gave it much thought that some of the worlds might not be so friendly.

“Man, I’m glad we’re out of there.” Amber picked herself off the floor. “The landings could use a little work though.” She said rubbing her knee a little.

“Argh! Where are we now!?” Jennifer cried.

We all looked around.

“What did you do Wyatt? Why aren’t we home?” Megan asked. Everyone turned to me, wanting to know the same thing.

“I- I don’t- I don’t know! I don’t know what happened. It didn’t do this last time.” What was going on? How was this even possible? We should have gone back to our world.

“What do you mean last time? This was our first trip.” Kliff said looking up at me.

“No. I um tried it. I tried it before we left. I did it while the rest of you were getting ready. I only set it for a couple of minutes and it sent me right back when the time wore out.” I told them.

“You what? What if something had happened? What if you’d never come back? We would’ve just thought you took off by yourself because you didn’t want to share it. Or you could have been killed. How could you be so irresponsible to do that alone? What’s the matter with you?” Nate yelled at me.

“I didn’t do it alone. Not completely anyway. Matt was there, he stayed behind to tell you guys in case something went wrong. I didn’t want the first time it was tested being with all of us. If something happened I wanted it to be to me, not you guys. I’m the one that found it so if something went wrong it was all on me. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I knew if I did you wouldn’t have let me go.”

“It wouldn’t have been all on you. We all wanted to go, we chose to do this.” Megan said.

“Yeah could’ve fooled me. You were all ready to blame me for us not being home a second ago.”

“Okay so that wasn’t the best thing to do, but seriously, where are we and how do we get home?” Emen asked looking around. Once again we were somewhere that looked familiar.

“I don’t know. Like I said, this didn’t happen before.” I looked down at the timer, that’s what I’d decided to call it, the numbers were going crazy. Cursing I put it away and looked at the others. “Well looks like we’re stuck where ever this is for now. The timer’s not working and I don’t know if it ever will. Activating it before the time runs out must have done something to it. That’s why it didn’t bring us home.”

Everybody looked horrified.

“So we’re stuck here?” Matt asked.

“Yep; at least until the timer starts working again, if it ever does.” I said looking around again. “So, anyone know where we are?”

No one answered, everyone just continued to look around. All that we knew is that it was some kind of hotel.

“Hey, where’s Ty?” Kliff asked suddenly.

We all looked at each other, without knowing where this was, anything could happen to him. We started searching everywhere.

“Let’s all stick together there’s no telling what might be in here with us.” Nate said.

Being the two biggest, Matt took the lead and I was in the back. We went down hallway after hallway but we couldn’t find him. We were about to give up despite Kliff’s protests, thinking maybe he had found his way back to where we’d come in and was waiting for us.
“Wait you guys, I-“ Kliff started.

“No we can’t keep doing this, this place is huge; we could live here and hardly ever see each other. Our best bet is that he’s waiting back where we started.” Jennifer said.

“No, listen. Someone’s here. It sounds like laughing, maybe it’s Ty.” Kliff said taking off in the direction he heard the sounds coming from.

“Hold up. We’ll go with you just slow down.” Emen called after him as we hurried to catch up.

We rounded the corner. There was Ty, sitting in a tricycle with a smaller boy on the handle bars. He was telling the boy a joke as he pedaled them down the hall.

Just as we were about to call out to him two little girls appeared at the end of the hall. They were twins, both of them were wearing light blue dresses. Ty and the other boy had seen them too. They stopped laughing and just stared at them. Suddenly there were flashes of people dead and bloody all over the hall. The girls were somehow closer after each one and they kept telling Ty and the boy to come play with them. Me and Matt exchanged a glance and ran forward; I grabbed the little boy while he swung Ty over his shoulder and we ran out of there, the others close behind us.

The only thought running through my head was why of all places did it have to be The Shining.

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