How I Invented Quibblo

This is the story of how I, Quibblo, invented Quibblo, and all of the struggles I had to go through to create it.

Chapter 3

A Friend

by: Clato
"Lloyd, could you please answer the question?"

I looked up, wishing Miss Arnold would call me by my nickname. "Uh..." I began, trying to think of the answer.

My second best friend, Sherry, raised her hand up high in the air. I glanced over at her, and she mouthed then word "five" to me.

"Five?" I guessed. Miss Arnold sighed.

"Yes," she replied, rubbing her left temple, "but please try to get the answer on your own next time." Though she didn't even glance at Sherry, Sherry was red with embarrassment. I pushed my glasses up on my nose and sighed. One more day Then I could graduate from high school.


"Sherry," I called, running down the hall to her. She didn't turn. "Sherry, c'mon!" I touched her shoulder, but she pulled it away. She always was a good-goody. I rolled my eyes as Ron approached me with a confused look.

"What?" he mouthed.

"Girl stuff," I mouthed back with another roll of my eyes.

Sherry turned.

"Listen," she snapped, her voice edgy, "I don't want to be mad at you. But I want you to know that I can't help you in class anymore. We got in trouble.. gave the teacher a headache... do you-- we could have..."

She was so angry that she stuttered, her mind torn between saying something insulting or something comforting.

"Whatever," Ron said. "No big deal."

"Says you, Qlockwork"

"Oh, come on. Quibblo, back me up on this."

But I shook my head. "No," I said quickly. "Qlockwork, you need to stop arguing with her." I turned to Sherry. "And you need to learn not to start arguments."

Both of them shrugged.

"Whatever," Sherry spat. "And to think, Ron and I had a gift for you." She was angry She never called him by his real name.


Ron, looking angry as well, tossed a sleek black iPad at my chest. I caught it with a grunt and looked at the shining screen.

Quibblo: one world, many answers

I looked down at the rest of the screen and knew it was an uncompleted website.

My uncompleted website.

What had I done?

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