I'm leaving Quibblo (seriously)

I'm leaving Quibblo (seriously)

Maybe not permanently

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Chapter 1

It's not permanent, I'm just leaving for a while. I may come back– I'm not deleting my account. But I need time away to get my shiit together and clean up my life, 'cos it's a mess. I'll miss you guys alot, I've met some pretty kick-a s s rocking people here (you know who you are). Don't forget about me! There is the possibility I'll be back. So basically I'm writing this just to say good-bye to you. You guys are kind of loke a second family (sounds cheesy, doesn't it?)

Special messages:

yutty / Hannah
- Whatever you do, don't let the zombie take over your body.
-Thanks for making me smile, and rp-ing insanity
-You're an aweasome friend
-The statue of yutty will forever replace the Statue of liberty
-You killed me XD
-Stupid Bellatrix

dreamr / Feathers:
- Stay supermegafoxyawesomehot, my little Nialler!
-There's always Polyvore
-You're fun to write with :)
-You were my first friend on here

-Keep calm and sing Ed Sheeran
-Wave your pom-poms
-Gleek out :)

-No we haven't talked it a while :/ Some other time though.
-I'm alright, thanks for asking.
-Thanks for being so nice :)

-I don't know why you stopped talking to me, and I'm sorry if I did something
-Bye, Inigo...

Agrave / Raven:
-Keep your chin up, girly. Don't let those a s s holes get to you.
-Don't do anything I would regret
-Stay strong

-Those were long paragraphs :)
-You really made me think about myself, thank you for that
-It's great getting to know you

-Supernatural buddies :D
-Misha Collins O.O

-I hope The Great Journey works out well :)

-Thank you :)


Well this is it. Good bye, my friends. I hope I'll come back soon

Rachel B <3 xx

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