A Story of A Murderer

This story is based off a song. What song you may ask, well, guess! :D And this is for Cam's tournament!

Chapter 1

Leaving Everything Behind

I had reached the climax, there was no way I could go back now! The gun shot, I wasn't thinking. I just threw my whole life away, my family's last hope for a success, and I threw my life away with killing a man.

I looked down at the body, the poor old man, just lying there. Lifeless. I dropped the gun! What to do! I had to leave! Get out of town, but then they'll search for me... It'll give my poor mother a heart attack, and I couldn't do that to her. She's been too kind to me.

I had to face it, there was nothing else I could do but face the truth. I placed the gun on the ground, leaving it right next to the old man. The cricket sounds made it seem so peaceful this night, the streetlamps outside luminated the crime scene I had just made.

The door started jiggling with a key trying to unlock the door. My mom burst into the room, looking at me, startled. I felt tears streaming down my face.She looked at me, and I saw her eyes start to tear up too. She didn't dare look down at my feet, because she already knew. My mom knew for a long time.

I got a hug of sympathy, even though I didn't deserve it. She kept muttering in my ear, "Its over now. It's over. You can't be harmed again." Sadly I knew she was lieing, if anything, I just caused even more problems.

That very night we dug a hole, in the backyard. We lowered the corpse into the hole, and had a cross nailed into the head of the grave. This'll be the last time I see my father, he can't hurt us anymore, no more pain for us.

The sound of police sirens sounded out in the front. It was time for me to go. Face my trial, my fate as a murderer.


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