Stay Strong (A Harry Potter Group Story)

Stay Strong (A Harry Potter Group Story)

What happens when someone loose a person they love? Someone they would give their life for? A beloved family member? Well, this is unfortunately what happens to these five girls in their last year in Hogwarts. They join forces with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and the rest of the Hogwarts students in a battle no one will forget. These girls and their love interests go through suffering, love, loss, betrayal, and a lot more. Will these girls stay strong?

Chapter 1

The Witches Of Hogwarts

by: Pierced_
Authors: Myself, yutty, Harryforever, SevsTrueLoveAlways, and GryffindrLuver

Full Name: Ariel Destiny Christopher
Nicknames: Destiny, or just Ariel
Age: 17
Appearance: Waist Length, Thick, Dark Red Hair; Big Royal Blue Eyes; Skinny; 5' 6" (3 inches shorter than Seamus); 115 lbs.; Fair Skin; Cute Smile
Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Curious, Creative, Distant, Stubborn
Wand: Birch, Dragon Heartstring, 15 inches, Swishy
House: Gryffindor, Almost Ravenclaw
Year: 7th Year
Ability: Unregistered Animagus, she can turn into a Siberian Tiger
Quidditch: Chaser
Love Interest: Seamus Finnigan
Who They Lost In Battle: Her Oldest Brother
Family: Pure Blood. Dad is an auror, Mum is a healer, and she has two older brothers: Isaac (18) and Cole (20). Her family is often known as blood traitors.
Future Career: Auror
Other: Ariel is a very smart, straight O student. Seamus had been one of her closest friends since 1st year. He finally had the courage to ask her out in 4th year. Ariel says yes, and they date until the end of their fifth year. She broke up with Seamus because of a stupid fight over what's going on in the Wizarding World. Little does she know, Seamus still has feelings for her.

Full Name: Anna Rose Finnigan.
Nicknames: Just Anna.
Age: 17
Appearance: Straight, sandy, blond-y orange hair, blue eyes, average height, not pale, but not tan, lots of freckles, average weight.
Personality: Confident, brave, average smarts, a little bit too independent, nasty temper, kind.
Wand: Unicorn hair, 6 and a quarter inches, Maple, bendy.
House: Gryffindor.
Year: 7th Year.
Ability: Metamorphagus, but usually what's listed in her appearance
Quidditch: Beater.
Love Interest: George Weasley, can we just pretend Angelina doesn't marry him?
Who They Lost in Battle: Fred, he was one of her closest friends.
Family: Half Blood. Seamus, her twin. Father is a muggle, mother is a witch.
Future Career: Care of Magical Creatures Teacher.
Other: The twins are her best friends (along with the original characters), even though they're two years older. Fred had always had a crush on Anna, so George and Anna kept it a secret they were dating. Fred never found out, as he died before they could tell him.

Full Name: Cordelia Whitworth
Nicknames: Cody or Cordie
Age: 17
Appearance: Striaght black hair mid back length, deep brown eyes, 5"4, deep natural tan, thin.
Personality: Funny, Great friend, gets annoyed quickly, friendly, really brave and confident
Wand: Hawthorn, Unicorn Hair, 12 and three quarter inches, unyielding.
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th Year
Ability: Doesn't have one
Quidditch: Just watches
Love interest: Draco Malfoy
Who They Lost In Battle: Older Brother
Family: Pureblood, 1 older sibling, Parents are Death Eaters.
Future Career: Auror
Other: She loves her brother to pieces, he looked after her because her parents didn't think of her as a daughter.
Saw Draco, her boyfriend, last when he almost killed Dumbledore. He told her nothing and she trusted him.

Full Name: Tessa Jasmine Creedon
Nicknames: usually goes by Tessa, sometimes Minnie
Age: 18
Appearance: 5'7"; long, light red, wavy hair; dark green eyes; light skin and a scattering of freckles; slender build
Personality: shy but friendly, kind, outwardly happy even if she's upset, doesn't let many people get close, thinks before she leaps
Wand: 14", beech, unicorn hair, reasonably supple
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th Year
Ability: none =(
Quidditch: Keeper
Love Interest: Fred Weasley
Who They Lost In Battle: Fred Weasley (aren't I tragic?)
Family: Half-blood. Dad is a Muggle doctor, Mum is a witch Auror
Future Career: Professor of Transfiguration
Other: Ever since a prank she was asked to help with in first year, Fred and George have been part of her small circle of close friends. Toward the end of fourth year Tessa began to think of Fred as her best friend, along with one of the other characters; when the twins left to start Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Fred asked her to come with them. She wanted to but decided to stay and complete her education so she could be an Auror, like her mum. But when Fred was killed in the battle, Tessa threw being an Auror out the window in favor of becoming a professor and staying at Hogwarts, where the love of her life used to roam the halls and basically cause trouble.

Full Name: Jasmine Rose Lynn
Nicknames: Jaz, J, Lynn
Age: 17
Appearance: Knee length, straight, reddish brown hair, icy blue eyes, fair skin, average height, slender, pale pink lips
Personality: Bold, hard working, clever, cold at times, sarcastic, funny
Wand: Ash, phoenix feather, 12 in., stiff
House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Ability: Unregistered animagus, can turn into a burnt orange colored cat
Quidditch: Seeker
Love Interest: Harry Potter
Who They Lost In Battle: Her Twin, Jacob
Family: Pure blood. Dad is an auror, mum is a robe designer, Her brothers are: Alexander (20), Jacob (17, Her Twin), Zachary (18), Cody (19)
Future Career: Robe Designer
Other: Jasmine has known Harry since 1st year. She wanted to be friends with him, but after he saw how Draco acted, he refused. She still tries to be friends, but knows it will never work out. Harry is usually cold to her, but on rare occasions he smiles. But Jasmine has had a secret crush on him all this time.

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