Stay Strong (A Harry Potter Group Story)

Stay Strong (A Harry Potter Group Story)

What happens when someone loose a person they love? Someone they would give their life for? A beloved family member? Well, this is unfortunately what happens to these five girls in their last year in Hogwarts. They join forces with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco and the rest of the Hogwarts students in a battle no one will forget. These girls and their love interests go through suffering, love, loss, betrayal, and a lot more. Will these girls stay strong?

Chapter 18

Cordelia Whitworth

"Let's go, Anna," Tessa smiled, as we dashed over to Ariel's fireplace. She hopped in first, yelling her address, then Anna, me and then Ariel.

We landed in Tessa's living room as she dashed to get her broomstick.
"Tessa! you gave me a start!" Tessa's mum yelled after her. "Hi girls!"
"Hi Mrs Creedon!" We said in unison.
"Tessa has gone to get her broomstick, we're going back to mine to play a game of Quidditch!" Ariel explained Tessa's hurriedness.
"Ah!" Mrs Creedon said. "How are you girls? How's everything at your homes?"
"We are all very well, thankyou!" I said.
"All our homes are well too!" Anna added as I forced a smile."We are going to mine next to pick up my broom too-"
"I've got it!" Tessa said panting as she stopped at a halt near the living room door.
"Sorry Mum!" Tessa said, Mrs Creedon smiled at her.
"It's okay! Take care, all of you!" Mrs Creedon said, Tessa have her mum a kiss on the cheek and the next thing we knew we were in Anna's front room.

I could feel Ariel's blush without seeing it on her face!
Ariel and Seamus had a good relationship right from the start, it was only recently that they got into an argument and needed time away from each other. Well I suppose its a but like my relationship with him we were strong until last year where everything broke, our relationship, my heart.
"Be right back!" Anna said and ran out the front room to get her broomstick.
"What was that?" Another Irish voice of Seamus called. I saw him approach the front room, he looked at us in shock.

I did not know what to make of the situation, I could feel Ariel's tension grow.

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