Civil Curse

This is a story that I had begun writing with someone else as a group story originally but we never got to finish it. I've just changed it up a bit to be more "single-author friendly." Decided to use this for Cool2Twin's writing tournament.

Chapter 1

A Dark Genesis

by: Chaun1
Standing at the top of the long, winding, stone staircase, I looked down and watched all of the others of my kind slaving away. By "my kind", I mean lycans. (And for all of you who are thinking it, no, lycans are not werewolves, we can actually transform at will.) My people have been slaves to the cold-blooded vampires for years. Even though we can transform at will, we still are no match for vampires (well at least the others aren't). This is because, naturally, all lycans are born with an animalistic nature. We tend to be more impulsive, savage; unthinking, just feeling.

But vampires on the other hand, have grown to be much more in control of their instincts, using reasoning to choose their battles and strategize. (So it would seem that brains actually do mean something.) It is because of their brains that vampires were able to enslave the entire lycan race and have kept us in bondage for nearly 200 years. All of us, that is, except me. I was born into the same slavery as the rest of my kind but once I hit my teenage years, I became a double agent and in return, received many benefits from it. Now that you know the history behind this tale, it is time for you to enter into the present. My name is Mardov and this is a story you want to sit down for.

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