Tournament Entry

For a contest, which I am so excited about! :D Anywho, the topic is animals. So... let the match begin! >:)

This story is through the eyes of abused dog Vanilla.

Chapter 1


by: Clato

The belt crackles against my white fur, and I yelp with pain. "Bad dog," my mean owner, Mr. Parker, yells. I wish these garage walls were thinner. I wish someone would hear him. "Bad. Don't ever chew my shoes again."

His words make no sense, and I struggle not to whine. If I whine, I get hurt. That is the policy. That is his policy.

At the shelter, they never abused me. Ms. Green, the owner, always fed me, and cared for me, and...

Wham! The whip hits again, and this time, a whimper escapes my lips.

"What was that?" Mr. Parker yells, anger in his eyes. "No. Bad dog. No whining. No supper." With that, he turns on his polished heel and stomps into the house, leaving me alone once again in the garage. I only know a few human things, and one is supper. I guess I'm going to bed hungry.

And another thing is the sound of a lock. The sound of being trapped. And I hear that right now, as he locks the door and leaves me. I jump up at the door, leaving scratch marks. I don't care. He can punish me all he wants. I won't live long. I feel my ribs slide against my skin as I jump, and I have to stop. Panting, I collapse.

My breaths are short and rapid, too shallow for comfort. What is going on? I stand, walk around a bit, and I'm alright. I just need to stretch.

"Vanilla!" I hear my name being called, and shudder. A chill shoots up and down my spine, causing my entire body to shiver. Stop, I command myself. Too late.

The door flies open, knocking me backwards. "Vanilla!" Mr. Parker's brown eyes seem glowing hot red with anger. "Bad dog! Bad, bad dog! You never, ever sit on the couch!" He turns, and sees the door on his way out.

No words.

None at all.

All he does is hit me with the belt in his hand that I failed to notice earlier. He mutters something as he marches away, then closes the door and locks it once more.

This time, something is wrong. That blow to my head messed something up-- my eyesight, maybe? Yes. Because as I walk, turning around and around, I flop to the ground. Cold. So cold. I want to sleep.

"Vanilla..." a voice calls to me. I look up, my black nose sniffing the air, and smell something. Something comforting.


I see it now. A glowing white light. Suddenly, I have the energy. Quickly, excitedly, I prance up and trot towards the light. Only once do I look back, and I am alarmed to see my own body, frozen stiff. I know it now. I am dead. But I am going to a better place.

Smiling as best as a dog can, I walk into the light, not turning back once.


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