Dracaryn: Secrets Unlocked

Once upon a time, many years ago and all that jazz there was a boy. But this boy wasn't like other boys, this boy was special. This boy would one day rule the entire realm. To him that's where opinions differed on the matter. He wanted to go on adventures, he wanted to see the world. But most of all he just wanted someone to play with. As prince to the whole realm of Dracaryn he wasn't allowed to have friends, he didn't have time for any. So one day he ran away, and so his story began...

Chapter 1

Not the best way to start a journey

by: Salocin
“Prince Julian, pay attention!” Winthrop said sternly. He took away the parchment I’d been drawing on.

“Now please. What are the names of the entire family and immediate staff of Duke Edmond’s castle?” He put a clean piece of parchment in front of me.

I sighed, I just wanted to go outside. I looked at the sunlight streaming through, there was a little bit of a breeze, just enough to make sure you didn’t get too hot. Perfect day for a horse ride to the next village, where they were less likely to know who I was, and I could do what I wanted.

“May we take a break? I believe it is close to the midday meal and I would like to see if Father is back from his journey.”

“Very well. We will finish after the meal though; we still need to go over the history of the kingdom and the laws of the land before dinner. After that you have dueling lessons with Aldred. Then I believe you have an audience with some villagers. You may do what you wish once those are done. It is a light schedule today. Perhaps it’s time to add a few things, you are old enough to start taking on more responsibility, you will after all rule the entire realm of Dracaryn someday. ” He took the paper away and shut the books and scrolls, dismissing me.

I left the room with my shoulders hunched; I didn’t want to rule. I wanted to go on adventures, to travel, to have some friends. I hated being a prince! And now I would have more lessons and things to contend with. Sighing, I hurried down the corridor, maybe my Father would be back! That would at least be good news.

“Prince Julian! Stop that running this instant, and straighten your shoulders. You’re not a commoner and should not act like one.”


It was always him that caught me. He was my Father’s adviser and told him everything I did while he was gone. Now I’d have to listen to another lecture on how Princes were supposed to act from Father when he got back. Oh Bensin should know when that would be!

“Is Father here yet?”

“No I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing him for another three months. There were some conflicts to the west that came up. The King had to go over see it.”

He continued talking about how I would be going with Father someday soon and learning how to solve disputes between villages but I stopped listening and slowly walked away. I soon found myself outside, it really was a beautiful day. I walked around for a while, pretty soon I was on the far side by the north wall. I could hear kids playing on the other side; my head dropped, why couldn’t I be out there? Why did I have to be born a prince?

I stood there imagining everything I wished I could do. Slowly an idea came to me. I’d thought about it before but now… Maybe I should really do it. I knew I didn’t want to be King someday, if I put it off for too long my Father wouldn’t have enough time to find someone else; my coronation was to be in six months. I took a deep breath; I was really going to do it wasn’t I?

Before I could talk myself out of it I went to my chambers, making sure that no one saw me. I gathered together everything I thought I’d need and put it in a bag I’d taken from one of my Father’s sorcerers a few weeks ago. I snuck down to the kitchens and filled it with as bread, fruit, dried meat, and pastries as I could find. Then I was gone; out of the castle, off the grounds, and riding out of the village on my horse, Willow.

I made sure to cut across fields and stay clear of any people until I was at least three villages away. Deciding it was safe enough to travel the roads, I went to one that led through the woods. I still didn’t want to take the chance of traveling on one that went through a village. It was getting dark so I made camp, had a quick bite to eat, and settled for the night, happier than I ever been.

I was woken up by a woodpecker as it tried to find its first meal of the day. I was a little hungry myself so I too had something to eat, then I was on my way again. I traveled the road all day; a little after midday I came across some wild strawberries. I stopped, deciding to pick some. Best ones were in the middle and I couldn’t quite reach them; looking up I saw a branch hanging right over them. I climbed the tree and crawled onto the limb. Hanging down a little I was able to reach them and soon the pouch I’d been using was full. I then proceeded to pick some more to eat right away.

Willow started whining, I figured he was growing impatient; I started to pick a couple more when I heard some wiz through the trees. It was followed immediately with the worse pain I’d ever felt. I clutched the leg that the pain was coming from and looked down. There was an arrow sticking out of it, right above the knee. In my shock I loosened my grip on the branch cause me to slide down it. The arrow hit one of the smaller ones.

“ARGH!” I cried out. I started seeing dark spots in front of my eyes; my grip got weaker and I felt myself falling completely off the branch.

The only thing I could be thankful for is I’d slid down past the strawberries so I didn’t land in them. Instead I landed on the ground, the wind knocked out of me and the pain in my leg intensifying. The last thing I saw before the darkness consumed me was a boy, he looked about my age and was carrying a bow.

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